Home World Three years after the mysterious disappearance, the princess of Dubai suddenly had news: she was threatened to be imprisoned by her father!
Three years after the mysterious disappearance, the princess of Dubai suddenly had news: she was threatened to be imprisoned by her father!

Three years after the mysterious disappearance, the princess of Dubai suddenly had news: she was threatened to be imprisoned by her father!

by YCPress

This morning, Princess Latifah, who had mysteriously disappeared for nearly three years, returned to public view because of a video released by a BBC investigative news program Panorama, which returned to Dubai after her failure to escape in March 2018.

This time, she said that she was imprisoned as a “carriage”.

The videos were reportedly recorded on a secretly obtained mobile phone one year after Princess Latifah was taken back to Dubai after her escape. Princess Latifah said that the recording place was in the bathroom, because this is the only room she can lock.

Princess Latifah said that she was imprisoned in a “villa prison” where every window could not be opened by herself.

And there are five guards outside the room, and two guards in the room watching her. She can’t even go out of the room to breathe fresh air.

She was also threatened with “no more sun”. Princess Latifah said, “Every day I worry about my own safety and life.”

The story of the “lost princess” has to start three years ago…

Princess Sheikha Latifa bint Mohammad al-Maktoum is the daughter of Sheikha Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, a chieftain of Dubai.

In 2018, Princess Latifah, then 33, made a sensation by releasing a pre-recorded video with the help of her friends.

In the video, Princess Latifah exposes her father’s terror control, saying that she has been abused for many years, accusing her father of being the “most evil devil” and saying that she has made a plan to escape in the hope of leaving her hometown.

In fact, Princess Latifah is not the first member of the UAE royal family to escape from Dubai.

Her sister, Princess Shamsa, fled while on a holiday to England in 2000 and was finally brought back. Since then, Princess Shamsa has not appeared in public.

In fact, this escape is not Latifah’s first time. She had an escape before, but failed. Caught back by an agent sent by his father, “He ordered me to be imprisoned, abused, and had me pulled up from bed in the middle of the night to beat me…”

This time, the same is true. After posting the video, Princess Latifah took a yacht to the Indian Ocean coast with the help of her friends, but once again, she failed to escape. She was kidnapped from the yacht by 15 masked men and returned to Dubai…

Since then, there has been no news.

Do you still remember the news that caused a sensation in the world two years ago that “eway princess”?

In fact, this matter has something to do with Princess Latifah…

In early 2019, Princess Haya, the sixth wife of the Dubai chief, fled from Dubai to the United Kingdom with 260 million yuan and two children to seek legal protection, which led to a global divorce case.

As for why Princess Haya fled so hastily, she was strongly stimulated by witnessing what happened to Princess Latifah.

Haya said that she tried to rescue two non-born princesses when she found them imprisoned and abused.

But it is also constantly threatened and intimidated by her husband, which makes her live in extreme fear every day.

Princess Haya’s accusations against her husband in court also show people the life of royal women like prisoners behind their free and beautiful life.

Although Princess Latifah herself was brought back, the Dubai royal family was also under great public pressure due to the wide range of videos previously released by the princess.

So the royal family released a video of Princess Latifah eating with Mary Robinson, a former United Nations human rights official, to prove that the princess was doing well and unharmed.

Even so, people still see something wrong from Princess Latifah’s state, expression and eyes.

Now, Mary Robinson said that she was “cheated” by Princess Latifah’s family at that time. She therefore now calls on the international community to take action to determine the real status and whereabouts of Princess Latifah.

So what exactly did Princess Latifah have encountered and is encountering, wait for a truth…