Home Politics Threatening female journalists, breaking Biden’s rules, White House deputy press spokesman resigns
Threatening female journalists, breaking Biden's rules, White House deputy press spokesman resigns

Threatening female journalists, breaking Biden’s rules, White House deputy press spokesman resigns

by YCPress

February 14, Biden’s new Deputy White House Press Spokesperson TJ Ducklo announced on social media that he had decided to resign from his position in the White House.

Previously, Dacklo has been exposed to threaten American female journalists and use many vulgar language that discriminates against women because the reporter wants to publish a report related to his relationship.

On the 14th, Dacklo admitted the media revelations and issued a statement on Twitter, saying, “No language can express my regret, shame and my disgust with my own behavior.

I use language that no woman should ever hear from anyone, especially if she just wants to do her job well.”

Dacklo said that his behavior was “unatolerable”. He said he disappointed his White House team with President Biden and decided to resign as his deputy White House press spokesman and would not return to his post after the suspension.

Dacklo was suspended for a week for disrespect for women.

Dacklo decided to resign. Source: Twitter

According to the New York Times on the 13th, Dacklo officially resigned on the 13th. Dacklo, 32, served as the national press secretary and spokeswoman for the campaign during Biden’s presidential campaign.

During the U.S. presidential transition, Dacklo was appointed by Biden as the deputy press spokesman of the White House. However, Dacklo, who has just been officially in office for less than a month after Biden took office, has resigned.

On the 13th, White House press spokesman Jen Psaki said in a statement that their team accepted Dacklo’s resignation.” After discussing with Dacklo tonight, we accepted his resignation.

The conversation was conducted with the support of the White House Chief of Staff.” Pusaki said their news team is committed to meeting the standards set by Biden every day and treating others with respect and courtesy through words and actions.

On January 20, Biden set a rule for the White House team on his first day in office: disrespect other colleagues and expel them on the spot. Biden said, “I’m not kidding…

If I hear you speak to others condescendingly without respect for other colleagues, I will fire you on the spot. He also stressed in particular that this is “no if and but”.

Dacklo was the first “break the ring” in the White House team. On the 12th of this month, Vanity Fair revealed that Tara Palmeri, a female reporter of “Politician” News Network, recently planned to publish a news newspaper about Dacklo relationship with Alexi McCammond, a political reporter of Axios News Network.

However, Dacklo objected to this and threatened Palmerin that if she published the story, it would ruin her reputation, “I will destroy you”.

In addition, Dacklo also said a lot of derogatory and discriminating remarks to Palmerin.

White House press spokesman Pusaki responded to Dacklo on the 12th.

She tweeted that Dacklo had apologized to the female journalist and was the first to admit that it did not meet the standards of conduct set by the president.

Pushaki said that Dacklo behavior “does not meet our standards, does not meet the standards of the president”, but she refused to disclose why the White House did not fire Dacklo.

After the U.S. media revealed that Dacklo was not immediately fired as Biden said, but was only asked to suspend without pay for a week.