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Thousands of people Protest in the streets on Australia's National Day.

Thousands of people Protest in the streets on Australia’s National Day.

by YCPress

January 26 is Australia’s National Day, but people from many places flock to the streets to hold rallies against unfair treatment against Australian Aboriginal people.

Television footage shows thousands marching in the city center of Melbourne; about 4,000 people gathered in Adelaide to protest in sit-in; and thousands of people in Hobart.

Moreover, the demonstrations in various parts of the branch also ignored the country’s pandemic prevention and control regulations, and most people did not wear masks or maintain social distancing.

The BBC reported that about 2,000 rallies demonstrated on the streets of Sydney, and Australia’s pandemic prevention regulations allow up to 500 people to assemble.

According to the report, at least five people were arrested for violating pandemic prevention regulations.

The Governor of Chang’an Street (WeChat ID: Capitalnews) noted that the day before the rally, on the 25th local time, Australian Prime Minister Morrison announced that the drug administration had provisionally approved the coronavirus vaccine jointly developed by Pfizer Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. and German Biotechnology Company in Australia on the same day. Use.

However, the first dose is expected to be officially launched until late February at the earliest.

This dose of vaccine that has not yet been vaccinated has given people and the government confidence that thousands of people put the pandemic prevention aside and ignored the pandemic.

Not long ago, Morrison, who had not yet got a vaccine, suddenly choked on Britain, saying that in the severe pandemic situation, Britain did not carry out safety testing for each batch of coronavirus vaccines, and began to vaccinate people, which was obviously at great risk.” Australia is not in a state of emergency like the UK, so we don’t have to take shortcuts, we don’t need to take unnecessary risks.”

The remarks immediately aroused dissatisfaction and accusations from the British drug regulatory agency, which said in a statement that it was incorrect to say that the United Kingdom had not conducted batch testing.

British Prime Minister Johnson also said: “Every batch of vaccine products needs to be licensed and tested for quality.”

Even the Sydney Morning Herald said bluntly that Morrison’s statement was wrong, saying that he was just defending that Australians could not get a vaccine until March.

Labor leader Anthony Albanis criticized Morrison more severely, saying that “he is obsessed with politics and is ready to mislead the Australian people. The facts matter, but not to Morrison.”


While enthusiastic about throwing the pot and diverting attention, the Morrison government’s response in the prevention and control of the pandemic in China is shocking.

In the middle of this month, Morrison publicly announced that he would take a week off just as the coronavirus mutant strains in the United Kingdom and South Africa appeared in Australia.

On the 26th, thousands of people marched on Australia’s National Day, and Morrison said in a speech in the capital Canberra: “Due to the coronavirus pandemic, we celebrate National Day differently this year.”

This is the only thing he mentioned in his speech about pandemic prevention.