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This is the hottest topic in the United States now. A secret tape of Trump

by YCPress

This is the hottest topic in the United States now, a secret tape of Trump!

After a look, after the exposure of The Washington Post, the “Trump tape” was immediately searched, and was also taken to the hot search. There were also several related topics: Rafinsberg, Trump Dissolution…

Sure enough, he is a non-renowned master of language art in the United States. In the recorded phone, according to the Washington Post, Trump’s “sometimes flattery, sometimes begging, sometimes threatened with vague criminal consequences to try to recover his losses”.

Listen to it. The inside story of American politics is still very interesting.

From the start, I heard Trump growl: The people of Georgia are angry, the people of the whole country are angry… You are wrong with hundreds of thousands of votes…

Raffinsberg also said back: Mr. President, your problem now is that your data is wrong.

If you look tough, Trump then knows justice.

Trump: You definitely want the right election, you’re a Republican…

Raffinsberg: We think we are the right election…

Trump: No, no, you are not. No, no, you’re not. You don’t have it at all, you don’t have it at all, or even close. You are wrong. There are hundreds of thousands of votes.

Trump: You know what they did, but you didn’t report it. This is a crime, this is a crime. You can’t let this happen. This is a huge risk for your lawyer Ryan. This is a huge risk.

Trump: They are doing election fraud, that’s my opinion, based on what I’ve heard, they’re transferring the ballot machines, doing the fastest they can to transfer the ballot machines. It’s all the crime found. You can’t let this happen, but you let it happen.

Then the focus.

Trump: You know, I mean, I tell you that you are making this happen. So, I want you to do this: I just want to find 11,780 votes, one more vote than we have, because we won Georgia.

Trump: Tell me, Brad, what should we do? We won this election and it’s unfair to take it from us. In many ways, the consequences will be very serious. I think you should say: you are going to re-examine, you can re-examine, but it should be based on the review of people who want answers, not according to people who don’t want answers.


“I just want you to find 11,780 votes.”

Listen to the tape carefully, you can hear not only Trump-style car talk, but also his anxiety, anger, and a little helplessness.

In particular, it takes 11,780 votes. Trump is a number to read out, which is obviously calculated carefully.

I need so much, you Republican, look!

Therefore, this 11780 soon became a hot word.

Time is tight, Trump is in a hurry.

On January 20, power must be handed over; on January 6, Congress finally confirmed the vote.

According to the Washington Post, the call was made on January 2. On the second day of the New Year, Trump began to work hard.


Immediately after the secret tape was exposed, Americans thought of a former president.

Who is it?


An AFP article described it like this: “Some political commentators compare this call to the tape of the Watergate incident that led to President Nixon’s fall.”

After all, Trump’s various hints on the phone, and even publicly mentioned that I just want to get 11,780 votes. No matter how stupid Americans are, they should be able to hear the implication.

If you don’t do it well, it may be against the law!

In the United States, since the Watergate incident, political scandals have been suffixed with the “gate”, “Iran Gate”, “Russia Gate”, “Prism Gate”, and so on. Soon, a new “gate” exclusive to Trump appeared on social media – “losergate”.

John Dean, a Nixon-era White House adviser, told CNN that the tape was “very bad for the president, too ugly!”

But for Trump now, it doesn’t matter if it’s ugly or not bad. It just works!

It doesn’t work at all. Anyway, under his repeated instigation, at least dozens of Republican lawmakers, including 12 Republican senators, announced that on January 6, they would challenge the results of the electoral vote and demand an urgent establishment of a committee to investigate election fraud.

This is regarded as Trump’s last hope of turning the tables. He must take the iron while it is hot and pull all the possible winning states to his side.

Among them, Georgia is included. Although according to U.S. media analysis, Biden won the election with 306:232 electoral votes, even if Trump really won 16 votes in Georgia, it is still far from enough to turn the tables.

But there is still a dream, what if it comes true?

Finally, what do you think?

Let’s do three points simply.

1. Trump is Trump.

Anyway, Obama and Clinton probably can’t say those words on the phone, and George W. Bush and Bush will certainly not say them, but Trump will never return to the border wall of the United States and Mexico, not to die until the heart of the Mississippi River, and never give up until the last minute.

Still sweating for Trump, some means, may be settled in the future!

2. It makes people take a breath.

Diplomacy is the continuation of internal affairs, so you will understand why the relationship between the United States and Iran has been so tense recently. Seeing that Postel, an expert on American diplomacy, explained as follows:

What will a badly injured animal do? Trump is in the endgame situation. He has only a few weeks left. I’m afraid that the most unscruced and reckless anger has not happened yet.

Iran is on high alert, and the world is watching anxiously. Anyway, we can’t take it lightly if we are prepared.

3. Finally, I have to admire it.

For a job that is about to be lost, the day of the New Year, 74-year-old Trump is working so hard. What reason do we have not to work hard?!