Home Politics They want Britain to cut diplomatic relations with China in this regard!
They want Britain to cut diplomatic relations with China in this regard!

They want Britain to cut diplomatic relations with China in this regard!

by YCPress

They want Britain to cut diplomatic relations with China in this regard!

However, the report does not call for a closer partnership between Britain and China, but goes in the opposite direction, believing that Britain should keep a distance from China, a country whose “values” are “essentially different” from Britain.

What is even more absurd is that the report also requires Britain to explain to China that once China dares to reunify Taiwan by force, then Britain will sever diplomatic relations with China.

Judging from the introduction of some British media, the “China Research Group” of the British Conservative Party who wrote this report was established this year by some hardliners and anti-China right-wing politicians within the party.

China-UK relations experienced

According to the introductions of the British “Financial Times” and the Japanese “Diplomats” website, although China-UK relations experienced a “golden period” during the former Prime Minister Cameron’s time in the past few years, and in 2019, during the Brexit period, China It is still regarded by the United Kingdom as a trading partner;

But since this year, the impact of the Coronavirus Pandemic on British society has made the previously suppressed right-wing anti-China politicians see their chance to “turn over.” While they began to instigate British society against

China by spreading the so-called “Coronavirus Pandemic is made in China” argument, they began to imitate Australia’s current practice of successfully instigating the anti-China forces in Australia-China relations.

To influence Britain’s relations with China.

The screenshot is from a report on the “Diplomat” website

It is also worth mentioning that the head of this institution is Tom Tugendhat, the chairman of the British Parliament’s foreign affairs commissioner and a Conservative politician, who decided to separate Barbados from the British colony in September this year.

The Federation’s move to formally become an independent country is slandered as the racist politician who “pressured” China.

In short, the organization recently released a report titled “The relationship between Britain and China: not fighting the Cold War, but fighting a value war, not decoupling, but some disagreement.” It stems from this political background and this.

Operation of a group of people.

According to the introduction of this report by the Financial Times, the report mainly calls on the British government to guard against China’s “penetration” of British politics, industries and academia

Such as setting up more regulatory agencies to review the UK’s scientific research Collaboration in the academic field with China, and keep an eye on those politicians who have retired from politics, and prevent them from becoming Beijing lobbyists.

However, most mainstream British media that reported on this report did not mention a paragraph in the report that seemed to be quite irritating to the Chinese, that is, the report requires the British government to immediately explain to China: If China unifies Taiwan by force If it is a “violation” of the “human rights” of 23 million Taiwanese, or a “threat” to the human rights of the whole world, the UK will immediately cut off all diplomatic and trade ties with China.

Not only that, the report also absurdly claimed that because the mainland has not ruled Taiwan since 1949, the British did not count as “interference in China’s internal affairs.”

Some Taiwanese media are now quickly reporting this part of the content, and some Taiwan independence media who are eager to “bolster” themselves almost directly equate the report’s statement with the attitude of the British Conservative Party, even though the British Conservative Party has not done anything like this.

The report is just the attitude of a few anti-China politicians.

Therefore, Brother Geng thinks that Chinese people do not need to turn their faces with Britain because of such a report. 

After all, under the dual impact of Brexit and the epidemic, especially before the second epidemic hit, how to maintain its own economic development is the most important issue for the British government to consider, not what “values” should be struck with China.

fighting”. This is inseparable from maintaining stable cooperation with China, which is currently the only country in the world’s major economies with positive economic growth.

In fact, even those British anti-China politicians who wanted to guard against China and be tough on China on the Taiwan issue had to write in the title “not to fight the cold war, not to delink.” Because they also know very well that even if they are hostile to China, they cannot fight with China at this time.

Then, compared to the real “ballast stone” of China-British relations that have made anti-China politicians have to fear, the content of the report on Taiwan and the threat of calling for “severance of diplomatic relations” is nothing more than a “ballast stone” at best. “Paper tiger”, let the Taiwan authorities use it for adultery.