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They are going to name U.S. coronavirus vaccine "Trump"

They are going to name U.S. coronavirus vaccine “Trump”

by YCPress

20th November on the American social networking website “Twitter”, a piece of news attracted the attention of a large number of American netizens, and also thundered netizens from many other countries.

Because the news shows that some people in the United States have proposed to name the U.S. coronavirus vaccine after the current President Trump, saying that it is to thank and commemorate his political achievement…

According to the online post on Twitter, the proposal was put forward by a “senior reporter” of Fox News, a pro-Trump conservative big American media.

In a news program, the man said that in order to appease Trump’s mood, which still refuses to admit his loss in the presidential election, he thought it might be useful to name the upcoming coronavirus vaccine in the United States after Trump to thank and commemorate Trump for this important political achievement during his term of office.

To be honest, when Geng Zhige first saw the news, he once thought that the anchor was a “high-level black” Trump.

After all, it is precisely because of his government’s failure to prevent epidemic that the United States is now ranked among the worst-hit country in the world with a record of more than 1.1 million infections and more than 250,000 deaths. So, we once suspected that the anchor wanted to name the U.S. coronavirus vaccine “Trump” from this perspective to commemorate his “credit”.

Unfortunately, this “senior journalist” does not mean irony. He sincerely believes that Trump’s leadership has led the United States to now develop a coronavirus vaccine that is claimed to be 95% efficient by relevant pharmaceutical companies.

“He is indeed the lead engineer for the ‘Hyper-High Speed’ operation, which inspired U.S. pharmaceutical companies to quickly develop a vaccine for the coronavirus,” he said.

Moreover, the Fox “senior reporter” also said that if the coronavirus vaccine is named after Trump, people will catch up when talking about the vaccine later.

For example, when people greet each other later, they will say, “Have you got your trump yet, I got my trump, I’m fine” – translated into Chinese, “Have you beat Trump?” I hit my Trump and I feel good.”

However, after he said this, the other guests on the show seemed to show an “embarrassing and polite smile”…

On the Twitter of the American social networking website, the remarks of the Fox “senior reporter” have aroused the irony of many American netizens.

Some people said that I’m afraid that many people are unwilling to inject “Trump” into their bodies, which is really unimaginable.

Finally, it is worth mentioning that in addition to the Fox reporter who flatters him as “high-end black”, Trump actually has another executive around him who accidentally “high-end blackmailed” Trump in a recent interview.

This person is Mnuchin, the Secretary of the United States Treasury. In a video interview with CNBC News, Mnuchin made a mistake and said that the Trump administration was “working for a mass distribution of vaccines” as “working for a large-scale distribution of the virus”.

In this regard, the comment of American netizens is: Isn’t it~