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"They are going to cut me with a knife. Fortunately, they run fast."

“They are going to cut me with a knife. Fortunately, they run fast.”

by YCPress

Attack on Nigerian secondary school, more than 300 students missing

Nigerian officials confirmed on the 13th that a secondary school in Kazina State in northwest Nigeria was attacked by armed personnel recently, and more than 300 students are currently missing. 

The local education minister has ordered all public schools in Kazina to close, and the identity and motives of the attackers are not clear.

Kazina Governor Aminu Massari said on the same day that the high school was attacked by several armed men on the evening of the 11th, and the police exchanged fire with the armed personnel.

Some students escaped from the school through the wall. There are 839 students in the middle school attacked, and 333 students are still missing. The student who narrowly escaped said in an interview that he was almost hacked.

Student Amino: When I ran away, they wanted to cut me with a knife. Fortunately, I ran fast and ran into the crowd. They didn’t catch it. Then, I put my clothes upside down. They didn’t see me. They said that whoever fled again killed him, and then I ran away quickly, climbing and climbing through the jungle.

Kazina police spokesman Gambo Issa said on the same day that some missing students may have been kidnapped, and the exact number of abductees is being verified. The police, army and air force are working with the school to investigate the missing students.

Many parents of missing students came from other places that night and gathered outside the school anxiously waiting for news. They asked the government to solve the case as soon as possible and rescue their children.

Parents of missing students: The government is the only one who can help us. They have the ability to rescue our children. I hope God can help them save our children as soon as possible and reunite us.

At present, no organization has announced that the attack was carried out.

All boarding schools in Kazina State have been closed, and the police are chasing down militants.

In recent years, there have been many abductions of students in Nigeria, and many incidents have been committed by the extremist organization Boko Haram.

On April 14, 2014, Boko Haram militants kidnapped more than 270 female students preparing for the exam from the Chibuk Town Middle School in Borno County. More than 50 of them escaped, more than 100 were released, and more than 100 people have not returned.