Home Politics These changes have taken place in the Oval Office after Biden entered the White House.
These changes have taken place in the Oval Office after Biden entered the White House.

These changes have taken place in the Oval Office after Biden entered the White House.

by YCPress

What has changed and what has not changed has a profound meaning.

Everyone has the right to dress up their own house, and each room also conveys the owner’s ideas.

The White House has changed its new owner, and the oval room of the presidential office has also changed – Biden has been vice president for eight years and is familiar with the Oval Office. I guess he has long thought about how to clean up this room.

Franklin Portraits and the Scientific Intriguments of the Moon Rocks

Media photos show that the portrait of Andrew Jackson, the seventh president of the United States and populist, has been removed from the office, which is one of the figures Trump highly respected.

In exchange for a portrait of Benjamin Franklin, the founder of the United States and scientist. A sample of lunar rock is also placed on the bookshelf next to the portrait.

Franklin is talented. As a politician, he is one of the drafters and signatories of the American Declaration of Independence and a diplomat. As a scientist, he can also be remembered many things, most famous of which is the invention of the lightning rod.

Symbolically, Franklin’s achievements in politics and science can be interpreted as Biden’s obedience.

The lunar rock sample can be interpreted as both his memory of his achievements in the exploration of the American universe and his recognition of science.

In fact, science is also the constant signal of Biden’s campaign. Especially in the field of epidemic prevention, he frequently stressed in the campaign that epidemic prevention should believe in science and criticize Trump’s wayward behavior.

That’s why the day after he entered the White House, he signed a number of executive orders related to the epidemic. For example, increasing the supply of vaccines, expanding the scope and capacity of virus testing, and international tourists need to provide negative certificates of COVID-19 when arriving in the United States.

Civil rights meaning of Martin Luther King’s head

Photos taken by Reuters show Biden putting several heads in the office. These include American labor leader and civil rights activist Kaisa Chavis, black civil rights activist Martin Luther King, and American black civil rights activist Rosa Parks.

What these people have in common is civil rights activists who have fought for the civil rights movement in the United States at different times. When Obama was president, he set March 31 as Chavis Day to express the importance he attaches to labor rights.

Now, Biden has put the heads of these people in the office, on the one hand, he often mentions the influence of the American civil rights movement on himself and keeps working for justice, and on the other hand, it shows the people that Democrats and their president attach importance to minority rights.

It is known that Biden’s deputy, U.S. Vice President Kamala Harris, is the first female vice president of the United States and the first vice president of black and Asian descent, which was written on the introduction of the White House website and stressed that it would not be the last.

The “minority” in the social structure is one of the focus of the Democratic Party’s attention and one of the basic dishes of the Democratic Party at the election, such as women, minorities, homosexuals, illegal immigrants, etc. – just on the day of his inauguration, Biden raised the issue of new immigration legislation to protect immigrants.

Trump’s Coke key and Churchill’s bust were taken away.

In the Oval Office changes, the attention has been paid to in the past two days. In fact, it is not the above two changes, but that Trump’s Coke keys and Churchill’ bust have been taken away.

Trump has his own preferences, so he specially installed a Coke button. With one press, White House waiters will bring a glass of his favorite low-sugar Diet Coke on a silver plate. This special preference, because the owner leaves, will naturally disappear together.

But Churchill’s bust is not like this, which immediately caused controversy. To some extent, it symbolizes the relationship between the United States and Britain on both sides of the Atlantic, and even the attitude towards the history of the United States and Britain.

As a result, some British media have called it President Biden’s “an intentional snub”.

However, this is not the first time that Obama moved out when he entered the White House.

The British government does not want to put this online, and the China News Service reported that “President Biden can certainly decorate the Oval Office according to his own wishes.” “We have no doubt about the importance President Biden attaches to the relationship between the United Kingdom and the United States,” a British government spokesman said in a statement to reporters.

The U.S. Embassy in Britain quickly descended the donkey and quickly responded that the long-established “special relationship” between Britain and the United States is not just what a ” bust” can define.

Of course, the changes in Biden’s office go far beyond that. He also hung portraits of Washington, Roosevelt Jr., Hamilton, Jefferson and Lincoln; and the photos of Biden himself, including the son who died of cancer; blue carpets and dark gold curtains, many of which have changed.

As for the unchanged items, perhaps the most eye-catching thing is the presidential desk – its name is “Fortitude Desk”, which is really tough enough now.