Home Politics There is not a lot of controversy. The director of the U.S.-designate director of the health department was criticized for being “too profitable”
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There is not a lot of controversy. The director of the U.S.-designate director of the health department was criticized for being “too profitable”

by YCPress

According to the Washington Post on the 20th, the U.S. Senate will hold a hearing on Thursday to consider the candidate nominated by President Biden for the director of the United States Public Health Agency.

Vivik Musi, who Biden’s nominee, was appointed as the director of the public health bureau by then-President Obama six years ago, became the youngest director of public health in the United States and the first Indian to hold the position, but Trump fired him when he took office.

Judging from the financial information disclosed now, Musi, who once claimed to be the grandson of poor Indian farmers, made a lot of money from the business community after leaving office, which caused a lot of controversy and may even affect the confirmation of his nomination by the Senate.

According to reports, Musi made at least $2.6 million last year through epidemic-related consultations and speeches. His customers include cruise industry giant Carnival, homestay industry giant Airbnb, famous beauty makeup brand Estee Lauder and video website Netflix. Many senior public health policy figures said that Musi was the most complex director of the health director in his personal financial situation in a period of time.

There has been a long-standing “revolving door” phenomenon in the United States, and many senior government officials often make money in the private sector after leaving the government. Jeff Hauser, director of the “Revolving Door” project of the Center for Economic and Policy Research, a US think tank, said that it is not clear how deep Mussie’s water is in the consulting industry, but the public is very concerned about the health risks related to epidemics in industries such as cruise ships, and the Director of Public Health must provide the public with fair and objective information.

Moosey has won Biden’s trust. Back in the Obama administration, he worked closely with then-Vice President Biden, who was also Biden’s senior public health adviser during last year’s election. The White House strongly supports Moussy’s nomination for appointment, and some Democrats also expressed confidence in his ability and quality.

However, embarrassingly, many political appointments under the Trump administration were blocked by Democrats in the confirmation process, when the reason why Democrats often gave them were often close to the business community.

However, the Democratic Party argues that the Secretary of Health and the Director of the Food and Drug Administration are responsible for policy formulation and supervision, of course, strictly regulating business contact, while the Director of Health is different, and understanding the business community is an advantage.

The analysis believes that although facing certain difficulties, Mussie should be able to confirm this through a Senate appointment.