Home World There is also a “hometown flavor” for the Spring Festival on the spot.
There is also a "hometown flavor" for the Spring Festival on the spot.

There is also a “hometown flavor” for the Spring Festival on the spot.

by YCPress

China Daily, February 9th In order to reduce the risk of the spread of the epidemic, China has advocated that people spend the Spring Festival on the spot this year, and launched various warm-hearted safeguard measures for migrant workers who stay there for the Spring Festival.

The New York Times reported that the Chinese government called on the people to celebrate the Spring Festival on the spot and launched various incentives for migrant workers who stayed there for the Spring Festival.

Shanghai plans to provide communication fee subsidies, health and medical subsidies for foreign builders who stay in Shanghai during the Spring Festival.

Beijing will reward domestic servicemen and their domestic service enterprises who stay in Beijing; Tianjin will introduce measures to subsidize the household registration personnel from other provinces and cities who participate in employment internships in Tianjin during the Spring Festival.

Some places also encourage and guide workers from other places to stay in the local area for the Spring Festival through free public transportation, skills training subsidies, etc.

According to Reuters on February 8, many Chinese who choose to celebrate the Spring Festival on the spot have also received special New Year’s goods from their families, and packages full of strong “hometown flavor” have brought people closer to home.

The article said that this Spring Festival, Wang Hui, a resident of Beijing, decided not to return to Chongqing. He has received homemade beef jerky, rabbit meat, Mapo tofu and bacon from his mother.

“In the eyes of my mother, I always can’t eat enough.” Wang Hui, 27, said. The New Year is such a special occasion, and she wants to make sure that I have the food I like, that is, the food at home.”

The article said that the Chinese New Year of the Chinese New Year, which begins on Friday, is usually the largest annual migration in the world. Hundreds of millions of migrant workers will return to their hometowns.

However, this year, in order to reduce the risk of epidemic transmission, many people abide by the requirements of epidemic prevention and control and choose to celebrate the New Year on the spot.

As of Sunday (7th), China had no new local cases for the first time in nearly two months, indicating that positive measures have curbed the spread of the virus.

“After a tough year of pandemic, people are willing to spend money on food as a comfort and reward,” said Imogen Page-Jarrett, an analyst at The Economist Think Tank.

“Consumers will think it is necessary to give gifts to each other even if they can’t give in person.”

E-commerce retail website said that before the Spring Festival this year, food and beverage orders soared.

People working in the city send local food and staple food to their hometowns, while parents distribute their hometown food to children living in the city.

“If you don’t go home during the Spring Festival, parents send ‘New Year’s goods'” has become a hot topic on Weibo.

From West Lake lotus noodles in Hangzhou, red sausages in Harbin in Northeast China, to hot pot ingredients in Sichuan, to Chaoshan hand-made beef balls in Guangdong, there are everything.

“It’s clear that family members from afar also want their children to know that their families miss them.”

In addition, Singapore’s Lianhe Zaobao also noted in particular that the official directives have been issued to the local New Year’s policy, requiring all places not to “add” and “one size fits all” without authorization.

The article said that measures have been introduced in various parts of China to encourage people to celebrate the Spring Festival on the spot and reduce cross-infection caused by the movement of people.

Zhao Chenxin, Secretary-General of China’s National Development and Reform Commission, said that when implementing policies, all localities should not “add weight” without authorization, let alone “add weight layer by layer”, and even some places even take “one size fits all” measures, which is absolutely not allowed, and cannot block people from traveling and returning home.

Zhao Chenxin said in response to the question of Lianyeong Zao News: “The Spring Festival on the spot will certainly be conducive to epidemic prevention and control, which will promote the sustained recovery of the economy.

Many people choose to spend the Spring Festival on the spot, which can greatly reduce the large-scale flow and gathering of people, and also save time to return home, return to the city and find a job after the holiday, which is conducive to the resumption of work and production after the holiday.