Home Politics There is a showdown coming soon, and Americans are waiting quietly in anxiety!
There is a showdown coming soon, and Americans are waiting quietly in anxiety!

There is a showdown coming soon, and Americans are waiting quietly in anxiety!

by YCPress

The current situation really subverts the vast majority of people’s perception of the United States.

Originally, the new president of the United States took office on January 20th, which should have been a national celebration. Thinking of Obama’s inauguration, I was working in Washington at that time, and I also went to see the inauguration ceremony. Nearly two million people gathered together. The scene was really shocking.

But now, the worst scene happened. Not only can it be such a festive gathering, Washington has become a “ghost city”.

Please note that this “ghost city” is not what I said, but that the American media said.

Several observation dimensions.

1. The whole city is blocked. The subway station in the center of the city is closed, and the road is controlled, full of cement walls and fences. Capitol Hill is surrounded by various high-speed rail screens.

2. Soldier patrol. The number of U.S. troops now deployed in Washington exceeds the total number of U.S. troops in Iraq, Afghanistan and Syria.

3. Busy nailing the door panel. Almost every household in Washington is closed and every household is closed. The hottest business now is to seal doors and windows with thick wooden boards. Time is tight, tasks are heavy and the rewards are high, and workers nail nails are soft.

I saw a video picture, one side was an American soldier patrolling with a gun, confusedly watching the merchant urgently close the doors and windows…

Businessmen estimate that there are also 10,000 grassland mythical beasts rushing by in their hearts. Originally, it was a good opportunity to make money. Now not only can’t make money, but also worry about posting money to close doors and windows. When disaster is approaching, American soldiers are not reliable.

But this is the capital of the United States and the best district of the United States. Can you imagine how foreign power would comment if a Chinese, Japanese or Korean city were like this?

Now, what I couldn’t imagine before has really happened in the United States.

January 20 is the last showdown day, and Americans can only wait quietly in anxiety.

The reason for talking about the showdown is that on this critical day, there is a great possibility of violence. According to the FBI’s previous warning: Washington, D.C. and 50 states across the United States, there may be “armed rebellion”.

Please note that the armed rebellion.

300 million Americans have more than 300 million guns. As long as a small number of people make trouble, you can imagine what kind of crazy it is.

The danger is indeed approaching. It’s a breath of coldness that the United States has arrested a suspect who broke into Capitol Hill and found a long gun, forged documents, and hundreds of bullets from him.

The situation was urgent, and the mayor of Washington, along with the governors of neighboring Maryland and Virginia, jointly issued a statement saying: “In view of the previous riots and the deadly coronavirus epidemic, we abnormally encourage the American people not to go to Washington, D.C.”

Americans, please don’t come to Washington.

Will the person who comes be safe?

Not necessarily!

To ensure security, the U.S. military sent about 25,000 National Guards to Washington. But based on the siege of Congress on January 6, many active and retired soldiers (the woman who was shot dead in the parliament is a retired woman), among whom there are no Sichuan fans and dissatisfaction with the status quo?

Don’t forget, many famous people have had accidents, not from foreign enemies, but from the back shot of the soldiers who defend themselves. For example, Egyptian President Sadat…

The U.S. military is also anxious now. According to the media, while the military conducts the first, second and third rounds of self-examination, the FBI is also reviewing the identity background of 25,000 soldiers one by one.

Their nucleic acids can be irrational, but their loyalty must be checked.

As of the afternoon of the 15th local time, 43 of the more than 7,000 National Guard members who have gone to Washington have been diagnosed.

Given the intense activity of soldiers, you can imagine what a super-spreading event it will be.

But under the imminent security alert, everything can be ignored. So much so that American soldiers had to curl up on the floor of Congress without even a marching bed.

Finally, what do you think?

The old rule is three points simple.

First, it’s not cold for a day to freeze three feet.

Is this all Trump’s credit?

With Trump’s contribution, but all the tears and problems are attributed to Trump, and Trump can’t afford it. This is a slow but gradual process. For the past eight years, the U.S. economy has been booming, but in Buffett’s words, when the tide dissipates, we know who is swimming naked.

Three major events in the United States in the past year: anti-epidemic, riots and general elections.

The anti-epidemic resistance has become the most tragic in the world. Ethnic riots have made the city shine brightly, and the general election has elected a place. Even Capitol Hill has been occupied and at least five people have been killed. Now the inauguration ceremony is like a war-torn country.

Is this still the United States?

Without comparison, there is no harm. In the past year, we have witnessed too much history. The Chinese people have never felt so confident. Of course, they have also seen the other side of the United States. Again, the United States is still very powerful, but the American dream is dashed. History is not over. It is American mythology that ends. We are witnessing a far-reaching and epoch-making transformation.

Second, the whole world is watching jokes.

Don’t forget Merkel’s warning at Harvard University that year:

We must not call a lie the truth, nor can we regard the truth as a lie. We can’t accept abnormality as normal.

In those years, after speaking at Harvard, Merkel returned to China, and Washington was not happy to go.

Interestingly, the German media reported the recent situation in Washington.

A German media interviewed Washington citizens, who said: He is finally very safe now, because Washington now seems to be a military base…

German media then “added”: In fact, not all citizens feel as safe as him: in downtown Washington, many shops, office buildings and windows are nailed with wooden boards…

Third, it’s not easy for Americans.

The last moment is coming. Everyone doesn’t know what will happen, but they are vaguely uneasy.

Well, I know that some netizens will definitely say: Let the storm come more violently.

I understand that they hope that Americans will also receive baptism. After all, it is better to block it than to be blocked. If you are always so forced, it is easy to happen to have bigger things. Americans do not understand the national conditions, so they prefer to say beautiful scenery.

But this kind of beauty like poppy, America, let’s forget it.

The showdown is coming soon, and Americans can only wait quietly in anxiety. Still want to say: Good luck, America!