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There have been consecutive outbound travel incidents in Canada in disregard of epidemic prevention warnings.

by YCPress

Toronto, January 1 On the first day of 2021, Jason Kenny, the governor of Alberta, the interior province of Canada, ordered that the provincial councilor of the province should not leave Canada unless on business trips.

The executive order was due to the fact that Tracy Allard, the provincial government director, went to Hawaii for a holiday with her family in December 2020, and the incident was exposed by the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation at the end of the year. Kenny told the media that he was responsible for not clarifying the travel rules to lawmakers.

He said that all provincial officials who were out of the country for vacation had been asked to return immediately. Allard also apologized to the public and said that he was not malicious.

The Government of Canada has issued a warning since March 13, 2020, calling on nationals not to travel “non-essential”. Officials at all levels have also repeatedly called on people to do their part during the epidemic to cancel “non-essential” outbound travel.

However, many similar incidents have been exposed recently.

Ontario Finance Minister Rod Philip went to the Caribbean island for a holiday with his family after the provincial council adjourned in mid-December.

After his departure, his social platform account still posted photos and videos he took at work or at home. After the matter was disclosed by the media, it caused an uproar in public opinion.

Philip flew back to Toronto on the last day of 2020 and resigned immediately.

Nikki Ashton, a member of the Federal House of Representatives and the opposition New Democratic Party, recently visited a seriously ill family member in Greece. The party issued a statement on the 1st saying that although she sympathized with Ashton’s situation, she could no longer serve as a shadow cabinet “commentator”.

Hargrave, the highway director of the central province of Saskatchewan, flew to Palm Springs, California, to make a house sale deal recently.

He admitted that the trip was a misjudgement, but also said it was a necessary trip. The governor of the province said that Hargrave would remain in his current position.

A Quebec provincial councilor was also reported by the public and is still on holiday in Barbados with his wife.

In response to the media, he regretted his decision to travel, but also defended that Barbados is currently “one of the safest places in the world”.