There are no new local cases for 8 consecutive days. Victoria, Australia relaxes restrictions.

On January 6, 2021, local time, in Melbourne, Australia, citizens queued up for COVID-19 nucleic acid testing in aerial photography.

January 14 According to a report by Australia, there were no new cases of COVID-19 in Victoria, Australia, on January 13 local time.

Starting from the 18th, as the epidemic restrictions are relaxed, more Victoria employees will return to the office.

On the same day of the 13th, four new confirmed cases were added to Queensland hotel quarantined.

Victoria has no new local cases in 8 days

It is reported that after eight days without new local COVID-19 cases, the state’s restrictions have been eased.

Victoria Governor Andrews confirmed on the 14th that Victoria’s plan to suspend return to work will be cancelled.

Private businesses will allow 50% of their employees to return to the office, while public institutions will allow 25% of their employees to return to the office.

Andrews said: “This is a positive step forward.

I think that with some uncertainty, putting a pause on rework is the right thing to do, but 8 days without new cases means we can announce rework.”

It is understood that from the 18th, the situation of wearing masks will return to the previous rule that masks must only be forced in high-risk indoor situations such as supermarkets, shopping malls, hospitals, domestic flights, taxis and public transportation.

Cases of variant virus infection have appeared in Queensland.

On the 13th, four new confirmed cases were added among the quarantined people at the Queensland Hotel, and there were no new cases at the Grand Chancellor Hotel in Brisbane.

Previously, six cases in Queens were linked to the mutant coronavirus reported in the United Kingdom, all of which were related to the Grand Chancellor Hotel.

In response, Governor Palazke of Queensland said that all guests in the hotel were transferred to another hotel as a precautionary measure. A total of 226 hotel staff and 147 former hotel guests are being tested and quarantined.

In addition, there were no new local cases in New Zealand that day, and two new cases were added among the hotel quarantined.

In response, NSW Health Director Hazard said: “We have not found any community-borne cases, which is very positive, but it depends entirely on how many people volunteered to be tested.

We need people to come and get tested.”( Yuan Chunling)

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