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The worst month of Covid-19 pandemic in United States

The worst month of Covid-19 pandemic in United States

by YCPress

American media reported that the past October was the worst month for Coronavirus pandemic in the United States, and the pandemic situation in most states and regions was on the rise. 

US officials said that as the weather gradually turns cooler, the US pandemic will continue to worsen.

According to a report by the ABC on November 1, an internal memo from the U.S.

Department of Health and Human Services showed that the number of Coronavirus cases in 49 states and administrative regions in the United States is currently on the rise, and only three regions have reported fewer cases.

A number of data show that the US pandemic is in an out of control and worsening situation.

In the last week of October, the number of new confirmed cases of Coronavirus in United States rose 25.4% from the previous week, and the number of new deaths rose 2.2% from the previous week.

U.S. official: U.S. pandemic situation will continue to deteriorate

ABC also reported that same day that Fauci, director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases,

said in an interview with the Washington Post that due to the surge in confirmed cases, in the next few weeks

United States will have to face “a large number of hurt”. 

As more and more people gather indoors in the cold autumn and winter seasons, the prospects for the United States to contain the new Coronavirus pandemic “cannot get worse.”

According to a CBS report, Deborah Burks, coordinator of the White House

Coronavirus Response Task Force, recently warned that as the weather turns coole

Coronavirus pandemic will “spread widely” across the country. 

Burks said that currently about one-third of the United States is a hotspot for

coronavirus infections, and the situation will not improve due to increased indoor activities.