The World Health Organization warns that the coronavirus pandemic will be more severe this year than last year.


According to the Lianhe Zaobao on January 15, the World Health Organization pointed out that this year’s pandemic will be more severe than last year in terms of the current spread of the novel coronavirus and the flow of more mutants.

“The pandemic is entering its second year, with patterns of transmission based on the virus, and some of the problems we’ve seen, and the situation in the second year is likely to be more severe,” Ryan, executive director of WHO’s health emergency planning, said Wednesday on social media events.

Since the outbreak of the novel coronavirus, nearly 2 million people have died and more than 92 million people have been diagnosed worldwide.

The WHO issued a briefing on the evening of the 13th that about 5 million new cases were reported worldwide last week, which may be due to the general gathering of people during the end of the year holiday.

“We are currently suffering the consequences of the previous few weeks,” said Kerkov, WHO’s technical director for the COVID-19 response. In some countries, the pandemic will worsen significantly before improving later.

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