Home Politics The winter is coming, and the United States has entered the most sensitive two days!
The winter is coming, and the United States has entered the most sensitive two days!

The winter is coming, and the United States has entered the most sensitive two days!

by YCPress

Winter is coming arrived, storms are coming, and the United States has entered the most sensitive two days.

January 5th, Georgia Senate election.

On January 6, Trump called for Washington’s “King of Qin”.

If you want to say how sensitive the incident is, you can see how hard the senior management in the United States is.

Considering the jet lag, it is roughly equivalent to Beijing time on the 6th and 7th.

The day before the election, Trump flew to Dalton, northwest Georgia, to support the election. Pence was active in the southern agricultural district of Atlanta, and Biden campaigned directly in Atlanta.

Seeing foreign media, I sighed that an incumbent president and an elected president have personally rushed to the local area to build momentum for the election, but the national presidential election competition continues.

Because Georgia’s senatorial election is related to the political landscape of the United States.

Although only two senators are elected, these two votes will determine the ownership of the United States Senate.

Many people wonder that the U.S. election (including presidential election, house re-election, and some Senate re-election) did not end on November 3. How could Georgia still vote?

It’s very simple. The election is too fierce.

Under Georgia rules, candidates must win 50% of the vote to be officially elected. But in the November election, no one got more than half of the votes.

Then it must be re-elected.

But the situation is different from November now.

The next president, Democratic Party.

The next House of Representatives, Democratic Party.

The key depends on the Senate. Of the total of 100 seats, 50 Republicans, 46 Democrats + two independent senators leaning towards the Democratic Party = 48.

But the Democratic Party sees hope for reversal.

Georgia has always been the territory of the Republican Party, but Biden won by a narrow margin in this election, when the Democratic Party besieged the city. If you take two more Senate seats, the Senate will be 50:50, but Vice President Harris is the chairman of the Senate, and the Senate is in the hands of the Democrats.

In American politics, the Senate is very important. Important bills must be passed by it, and cabinet officials and supreme judges must be appointed by it. If the Senate is controlled by the Republican Party, it is conceivable that Biden faces constraints.

It is no exaggeration to say that this is a hard battle and a key local election to rewrite the political landscape of the United States.

So, Biden fought.

Therefore, Trump works harder.

At the gathering in the night, he kept urging tickets, urging tickets and then urging tickets, and also vigorously provoked swinging dances.

If nothing unexpected, this is also the last large rally to attend during Trump’s presidency.

Please note that he participated in person.

Politics is very important. The epidemic is on the sidelines. Even if the number of confirmed cases in the United States has already exceeded 20 million, the number of deaths has already exceeded 350,000, ranking first in the world.

In the United Kingdom, London is closed. In Germany, the isolation has been extended. In Shijiazhuang, China, dozens of cases were tested for nucleic acid throughout the city.

But in the United States, large gatherings are still the same, watching videos of Trump dancing, and many people do not wear masks. For the sake of politics, Americans also seem to care.

Considering the result of throat cutting, it cannot be ruled out that the election results are difficult to give birth again. Like Georgia’s presidential election, he counted the votes three times, but Trump still refused to admit defeat and scolded the Georgia Secretary of State for not helping.

This means more struggles, not excluding fierce struggles.

On January 6, the focus of the United States will soon turn to Washington.

The “King of Qin” called for by Trump will make a grand appearance in Washington.

In fact, a large number of Trump supporters have arrived in Washington and gathered in many important places such as Freedom Square. In the name of “defending the United States” and “defending Trump”, many people asked Congress to confirm that Biden is a fake president and Trump is the real winner of the election.

Because on this day, the U.S. Congress will officially confirm the election results. In the past, this was just a formal process, but this year is different because Trump refuses to accept defeat.

Trump also put pressure on Vice President Pence. He publicly said that he hoped that “our great vice president can help me,” if he didn’t help, I don’t like him.”

This is considered Trump’s last struggle.

The past political demeanor has disappeared, and what remains is fierce partisanship.

Although Republican Senate Leader McConnell also admitted that Biden is the next president. But many Republican lawmakers announced that on January 6, they would challenge the election results and demanded the urgent establishment of a committee to investigate election fraud.

On January 3, ten living former defense ministers of the United States (including several Republicans) jointly warned that only after Lincoln’s election in 1860 in more than 200 years of electoral history, civil war broke out… Therefore, power must be peacefully transitioned against military intervention.

Why did you send this letter?

The former defense ministers didn’t say anything, but obviously, the Americans are very worried. Don’t really make civil strife!

In addition, on January 4, more than 170 business leaders issued a joint letter calling on Congress to recognize the election results and guarantee the peaceful transfer of power.

The business community is also anxious and cannot tear it up endlessly.

The most worrying is undoubtedly the local government in Washington.

Don’t forget that last December, Trump supporters held a wave of protests in Washington, which resulted in a series of violent incidents.

In addition, the previous protests against racial discrimination, the large number of people surrounded the White House, the ruins of the battlefield outside the White House, and Trump once withdrew to the White House bunker…

If it goes on, what if it goes on?

So, Washington Mayor Bowser’s economy reminds citizens to avoid downtown areas and “people who come here to seek conflict” this week. Washington police also worked overtime and announced the arrest of anyone carrying weapons.

The storm is still continuing, taking into account the current situation. It is generally believed that Trump’s hope of turning the tables is slim, and the opposition of Republican lawmakers, at most disgusting Biden, cannot overturn the final result.

After the most sensitive two days, it is undoubtedly a more tearing result.

Other countries torn, at most, wars of words and street protests, but Americans tore up, 300 million guns, even a few extremists broke out, that was a bloody tragedy.

In the past year, Chinese people have been busy fighting against the epidemic, returning to work and production, and fighting poverty. The United States has also done three major things: anti-epidemic, protest and election.

But what happened?

In a country with the strongest national strength and the most advanced medical technology in the world, the anti-epidemic resistance has become the most miserable country in the world. So far, more than 20 million people have been diagnosed and more than 350,000 people have died. That is a living life.

In addition, anti-racial discrimination protests, one vicious case after another that makes Americans out of the streets of the United States are burning, and the world is also asking: What’s wrong with this country that claims to respect human rights the most?

In the end, more than two months after the election, the result is that the chicken feathers and even the formal procedures have evolved into a battlefield of confrontation. Such a serious epidemic, so many people gathered, for the sake of politics, Americans really care nothing!

2020-2021, we have witnessed history and seen the worst of America.

Alas, no matter how powerful the country is, it can’t stand tossing. Let’s toss around, just continue to tossing!