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The value of this case is 1 billion euros! 3 suspects arrested in Germany jewelry theft

The value of this case is 1 billion euros! 3 suspects arrested in Germany jewelry theft

by YCPress

17th local time The most valuable stolen collection in German history 2019 theft of the Green Dome Treasure Museum in Dresden uncovered

3 suspects arrested in Berlin

The other 2 fugitives have been wanted Police “546:1” found no stolen jewelry

According to the Dresden Public Prosecutor’s Office, the federal and eight state police agencies sent nearly 1,638 police forces, including SWAT teams, in the early hours of the same day to raided 18 locations in the Neukölln district in southern Berlin, involving 10 apartments.

Several garages and vehicles.

△ Photos of 2 fugitives released by the Procuratorate in Dresden

The identity information and photos of the fugitive suspect have been made public. But so far, the police have not found any stolen antique jewelry. 

According to the prosecution, the investigation will continue to be stepped up and remains “hopeful” for recovering the stolen art treasures.

The suspect is a member of the Berlin gang “giant”

It is reported that the three arrested suspects are all German citizens born in the 90s, two of whom are 23 years old and one is 26 years old. They are all members of the Berlin Arab family gang “Remer” criminal gang.

So, who is the Remer family?

What are their famous crime cases?

Although not all members of the Remer family with a long history are involved in crimes, they are involved in many large-scale robberies, murders, and drug trafficking cases.

They are veritable gangster “giants” in Berlin.

△The “Big Maple Leaf” gold coin that may never be present

What really made the family “world-famous” was the theft of a large maple leaf gold coin of 100 kilograms and a face value of 1 million Canadian dollars in the Bode Museum in Berlin in 2017.

As the largest gold coin in the world, this large gold coin with the head of Queen Elizabeth II on the obverse and the maple leaf representing Canada on the reverse is listed in the Guinness Book of Records with a purity of 999.99/1000, with a market value of about 4 million euros.

The suspect has a record of “big maple leaf gold coin theft”

totally unexpected Once due to the theft of big maple leaf gold coins And the 1 suspect arrested by the police Actually committed another crime in this case So, how was he released in the previous case?

It turned out that although the suspect was convicted three years ago, the police finally did not find the big maple leaf gold coin , but guessed that the gold coin had been melted into gold or made into other gold products for sale, so he was released due to insufficient evidence.

The Dresden prosecutor pointed out that the robbing of the Green Dome Treasure Museum and the large maple leaf gold coin in the Bode Museum in Berlin have very similar methods and tools .

The suspect’s modus operandi is simple and rude The first step is to break the distribution box Step Two broken windows into the room The third step is with an ax to cut open display cabinets The fourth step to drive a car and fled Step five burned cars

The expensive method of jewelry theft It’s just so simple and rude Just like the movie

The time of the incident was around 5 a.m. local time on November 25, 2019. Surveillance video showed that two suspects broke the window and entered the treasure hall. They used an axe to cut open the display cabinet containing three sets of 18th century jewelry. 

The stolen collection included at least 3 sets of diamond and ruby ​​jewelry, worth one billion euros .

Afterwards, the criminal gang drove a car to Berlin after stealing the jewelry, and then burned the car. 

The police later extracted the suspect’s DNA from the burnt car wreck.

What is the alarm system in the museum?

It is reported that before the theft, the distribution box located under the Augustus Bridge in the old city center of Dresden suddenly caught fire. The police pointed out that the distribution box was designed to supply power for the Green Dome Treasure Museum.

The thieves successfully entered the museum after successfully damaging the power system.

△A report by the director of the Green Vault Treasure Museum during an interview by German media

However, it is particularly ironic that in May 2010, the curator of the Green Dome Treasures Museum vowed to say in an interview with the media: “The most ideal alarm system always looks like it is not protected.

And the Green Dome Treasures Museum This is exactly the case—it has an invisible alarm system, but it’s really impenetrable.

Once the alarm is triggered, the security personnel will quickly arrive at the scene.”

The reality that can be slapped is that when the police arrived after receiving the security call, the thief Has escaped.

The collection is full of amber, ivory, and gold

△The stolen ancient green dome treasure museum

The Green Dome Treasure Museum is one of the largest treasure museums in Europe. It was founded by August II in 1732 and is part of the Royal Palace of Dresden. 

It is named because there are many malachite green pillars and decorations inside.

It is divided into two permanent exhibition halls, the Ancient Green Dome Treasure Hall and the New Green Dome Treasure Hall.

It is an important tourist destination in Dresden.

△One of the stolen collections

The one stolen in this case is the Treasures Museum of the Ancient Green Vault, which has a gorgeous Baroque style inside. It was once the private treasure collection room of August II.

It was damaged in the Second World War and was fully restored and reopened in 2006. Approximately 3,000 pieces of jewellery, gold, amber, ivory, gemstone vessels and bronze statues of extremely high artistic value are carefully crafted by skilled craftsmen.

“Family gangs” crime gangs are rampant

In recent years, “family gangs” have been the focus of Germany, especially the Berlin police. They formed organized criminal networks, mostly with Middle Eastern immigrants as the main body, and some even reached tens of thousands of people. 

Beginning in the 1970s and 1980s, the first generation of these families came to Germany for asylum and began to engage in criminal activities such as theft, murder, drug trafficking, arms trading, and human trafficking because they had no legal status . 

It is worth noting that due to the blood relationship between each other, there are fewer cases of betrayal in the family, which makes it more difficult for the prosecutor to convict. 

Moreover, the detained and prosecuted gang members are relatively young, and the penalties for crimes committed by young people in Germany are relatively light, so it is not easy to deal a strong blow to these criminal gangs.