Home Politics The US announced its sixth arms sales to Taiwan this year, and Taiwan’s “Air Force” Chief of Staff revealed two details
The US announced its sixth arms sales to Taiwan this year, and Taiwan’s “Air Force” Chief of Staff revealed two details

The US announced its sixth arms sales to Taiwan this year, and Taiwan’s “Air Force” Chief of Staff revealed two details

by YCPress

Nearing to step down, the madness of the Trump administration in the United States has reached an unremarkable level. Not only has it frequently used sanctions against China, but the Taiwan Strait card has also been played to the extreme by the United States.

According to a report by Taiwan Hai.com on December 9th, the Defense Security Cooperation Agency of the US Department of Defense previously announced that the US Department of State had approved the US$280 million arms sales case for the “Field Information and Communication System” to Taiwan and has entered the process of “notifying Congress”. It came into effect one month later. This is the eleventh time during President Trump’s presidency and the sixth time this year that arms sales to Taiwan.

The US announced its sixth arms sales to Taiwan this year, and Taiwan’s “Air Force” Chief of Staff revealed two details

In response to this, Zhang Dunhan, spokesman for the Taiwan Democratic Progressive Party’s Tsai Ing-wen’s office, said shamelessly that the Taiwan authorities once again thank the US government for its high regard for helping Taiwan strengthen its self-defense energy.

The reason why Zhang Dunhan is “shameless” is because at the Taiwan legislature questioning meeting on the 7th, Taiwan Air Force Chief of Staff Huang Zhiwei revealed some details of the US-Taiwan arms sales.

The first detail is that the US did not perform the “Fengzhan Project” in accordance with the contract. It was originally planned that the US will deliver 4, 24, and 27 upgraded F-16V fighters to Taiwan every year for the next three years starting in 2018, but in fact 4, 11, and 19 are actually delivered every year, and the US is not only behind the delivery schedule. , The Taiwan authorities are constantly adding budgets;

Taiwan’s “Air Force” Chief of Staff revealed two details

The second detail is that in the repeated US arms sales to Taiwan, as long as the US makes an offer, the Taiwan authorities will have no room for bargaining and can only meet the US requirements. 

Even if the budget is insufficient, it can only reduce the quantity and purchase items, and the US will also require it in the future. For example, for the “Feng Exhibition Project”, the Taiwan authorities had no choice but to buy the core parts first and then increase the budget due to insufficient budget. So far, the Taiwan authorities have added a budget of TWD 30 billion in two batches.

From these two details, we can see that in the arms trade between the United States and Taiwan, the seller has become Party A and the buyer has become Party B. 

In these transactions, Party A says what it wants to sell, and Party B must buy what; Party B must pay as much as Party A says, and do everything possible to make up for the insufficient part; Party A will deliver as soon as it wants Hand in, Party B dare not even say a word.

Such “Party A and Party B” are rare in the world! What’s more weird is that such a dignified buyer must also express “thank you” to the seller who abused and exploited it. This shows that not only Zhang Dunhan is “shameless” on the island, including the entire Taiwanese politicians.

Taiwan authorities really want to “thank” the United States

The Taiwan authorities really want to “thank” the United States, it is better to “thank” the United States for sending Taiwan to Taiwan as soon as possible and “on the road” for its “kindness.” 

Over the years, the United States has never stopped selling arms to Taiwan, and the United States has built a huge “arms arsenal.” Every U.S. military sales project to Taiwan poses a real threat to mainland China, and mainland China will never allow weapons and equipment deployed on the island to become an obstacle to national unity.

Faced with the island’s increasingly escalating weapons and equipment, and to curb the growth of the island’s separatist forces and combat their arrogance, the mainland can only continuously upgrade its military strength to gain absolute advantage in the military struggle against Taiwan, so as to minimize US sales to Taiwan. The harm that weapons and equipment may cause to the unity of the country. 

It can be seen that since 2000, the balance of military strength between the two sides of the strait has gradually tilted towards the mainland. After 20 years of rapid development, the PLA has not only crushed the “Strawberry Soldiers” on the island with its spirit, but also on the weapons and equipment. The level of sophistication and scale of the Taiwan military is even harder to match.

The poor is tactical interspersed, and the da is bombarded. The more weapons and equipment deployed on the island, the more missiles and bombs will be poured into Taiwan in order to reduce casualties during the future “armed reunification.” 

Imagine how much courage the Taiwan military can rise to resist under the wild bombardment? It can be said that the more American weapons and equipment the Taiwan authorities purchase, the deeper they dig their graves.