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The United States should apologize to them!

The United States should apologize to them!

by YCPress

The war launched by the United States has caused serious consequences, causing a large number of casualties, damage to facilities, and stagnation of production; bringing a series of social problems such as refugee flows, social unrest, ecological crisis, psychological trauma, etc.; and also causing harm to the countries not involved, and the United States itself has become a victim of its foreign war.

What did the American female soldier do make the Iraqi man shy?

On April 28, 2004, CBS shocked the world by the photos of the abuse of prisoners in Iraq revealed by CBS!

Abu Ghraib prison, about 30 kilometers west of Baghdad, is the place where the “prisoner abuse” scandal took place.

Talib was held in Abu Ghraib prison for no reason during the 2003 U.S. invasion of Iraq.

It was Lindy England, an American soldier who had appeared in sadistic photos many times, who deeply humiliated him!

Abu Ghraib Prison Victims Talib: We are divided into different groups, each group is about 15-20 people, Lindy takes us out of the cell, let us naked, my cellmate and I, and another cellmate, are stacked together, she holds sticks, laughs us, and then assaults with sticks. I really can’t say our private part.

The destruction of the body and the humiliation of the heart almost broke down Talib’s heart. It was the Americans who made him lose everything.

Abu Ghraib Prison Prison Victim Talib: They rescued us from a dictatorship, but it seems that they are worse than that regime. This is the result of their occupation of Iraq. I hate America. I hate America.

Tragedy! Weddings become funerals

On December 12, 2013, a traditional wedding was held in Rada, Yemen. The brides married returned to the bride’s village after lunch in the village. On the way, there was no disaster. The drone accident in Yemen killed more than 10 people and injured 24 others.

Witness Abdullah Mohammed: I didn’t see a al-Qaeda in the process, and none of the people here were al-Qaedas. Many children have become orphans and many wives have become widows. However, those who die are innocent.

Abdullah’s experience is very common in many countries in the Middle East. Over the years, the U.S. military has launched its alleged drone air strikes against terrorist suspects in Afghanistan, Pakistan, Yemen and other countries, causing a large number of innocent civilian casualties. Donald Guzioleta, professor at the University of Quebec Ottawa and director of the American Research Center: They (civilians) have the right to go to school, they have the right to go to the hospital for treatment, and we can’t prohibit them from going to the market to buy food, which is something people all over the world must do every day. Therefore, when the drone came to kill them, it violated human rights.

Heartbroken! At the age of three, he “sleeped soundly” on the shore and never drifted away from now on.

On the morning of September 2, 2015, the body of Syrian boy Eran, who was only three years old, was found on the beach in Turkey.

On the way to Greece with his parents, he was killed by capsizing the ship. Only his father survived the family of four.

Little Alan’s Aunt Tima Kurdi: They shouldn’t die, they shouldn’t, this shouldn’t have happened.

Ilan’s story is only a microcosm of the exile of many Syrian refugees. The cover story of Time magazine published on October 19 of the same year is the “Great Migration”, in which the article reads: “In modern history, it is rare to see such a large-scale escape, and people are so desperate!”

According to the United Nations, in 2015 and 2016 alone, at least 1.4 million people tried to venture across the Mediterranean Sea and arrived in Europe. Most of them were refugees who tried to seek asylum, and one in four people who applied for asylum in Europe was a child.

Military expert Yin Zhuo: How many people will there be accumulated by the end of 2018, 15 million war refugees, less than 6 million people in Libya, more than 3 million refugees, and nearly 50% of the people are refugees and flee.

And a strange phenomenon is that the mainstream Western media pays little attention to it for many years when refugees moan in their own countries;

Only when the crisis spills over and hits the Western world will it be taken seriously.

This also makes the whole world reflect: in the face of human rights and humanitarian crises such as refugee flows, have the originators seriously reflected and repented about the war that is easily launched?

“I will never forgive them!”

On March 24, 1999, the United States-led NATO unilaterally announced an air strike code-named “Allied Forces” against the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia without the authorization of the United Nations, on the pretext that the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia killed a large number of Albanian residents in Kosovo and caused the so-called “humanitarian disaster” (these words can Highlight it).

Dr. Grujčić, Director of the Clinical Department of the Serbian Emergency Center: On March 24, 1999, international law was mercilessly buried and declared dead, regardless of the opposition of other permanent members of the United Nations. I will never forgive NATO’s wanton aggression against my country, forever.

In fact, around 1998, Albanian militants launched many violent attacks in the Autonomous Province of Kosovo of the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia and waited for the opportunity to seek Kosovo’s “independence”. The Federal Republic of Yugoslavia sent troops and police into Kosovo to resolve ethnic contradictions in the country.

Military Expert Yin Zhuo: There are some ethnic conflicts in the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia. This ethnic conflict is completely the business of the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia itself. Without any authorization, the United States and NATO have flagrantly invaded a sovereign state of the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia, carried out more than 70 days of war, and caused A large amount of civilian facilities have been lost, especially the casualties of innocent civilians.

What a tragedy!” This is genocide!”

Death Road – “Huge Source of Poison”

This road in Safwan, Basra Governorate, Iraq, is a cross-border expressway connecting with Kuwait. In the mouths of the locals, it also has another name – “Death Road”.

Because of its prominent strategic position, Basra was once the most fiercely contested strategic point in the Iraq War, where the U.S.-dominated coalition forces and Iraqi troops fought head-on confrontation. In order to quickly defeat the enemy, the U.S.-dominated coalition forces used depleted uranium bombs to Iraqi troops in large quantities.

Yin Zhuo: “Depleted uranium bomb is an ammunition that strengthens armor-piercing ability. In fact, it uses uranium elements, but with such a charge with weak radioactivity. Installing it into an armor-piercing bullet can enhance its armor-piercing ability.

It is because of the armor-piercing ability of depleted uranium bombs that the U.S. military has used this inhuman weapon that has long been rejected by the international community in war. And the U.S.-dominated coalition forces using depleted uranium bombs won the war.

U.S. President Bush: “The major combat operation in Iraq has ended, and the major combat operation in Iraq has ended.”

According to statistics, more than 3,400 tons of depleted uranium bombs exploded by the U.S. military in Iraq during the war, with an average of nearly 8 kilograms of uranium compounds left in square kilometer. Under the calm surface, the spread and diffusion of radioactive substances have never stopped. Today, the “death road” is still like a huge source of poison, spreading radioactive dust to the surrounding areas. In Iraq, the incidence of cancer and cancer-related diseases has been rising after the Iraq war…

△ Children suffer from cancer

This depleted uranium bomb, described as “killing without blood”, has been used more than once in the foreign war of the United States. From the Gulf War to the Kosovo War to the Iraq War, the United States has used depleted uranium bombs again and again!

The War of Serbia–“the hardest hit area of depleted uranium bomb”

During the 1999 Kosovo War, the U.S. military fired a total of 31,000 depleted uranium bombs to destroy tanks and fortifications of the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia.

The Serbian city of Flagne, adjacent to Kosovo, is the hardest hit area of depleted uranium bombs.

△Flagne City, Serbia

The population here dropped sharply in the 20 years after the war, and a new cemetery containing 5,000 graves was established at the foot of the mountain where depleted uranium bombs was built…

Serbian biologist Stanković: “The decay of uranium is 4.5 billion years, which means that it is a very long process. The abnormal phenomena caused by these radioactive substances will first cause cell mutations.”

Dr. Grujčić, director of the Clinical Center of the Serbian Emergency Center: “The Americans and NATO understand why so many poisonous objects have been left. People know that this is genocide!”

It is worrying that the frequent tumors of the elderly are increasingly appearing in young people and even children:

Research from the Serbian Emergency Center shows that children born in the country after 1999 have multiple ectoderm tumors between the ages of 1 and 5 years, malignant blood diseases between the ages of 5 and 9, and the incidence of brain tumors has increased sharply between the ages of 9 and 18.

The depleted uranium bomb is only a small epitome of the human rights violations of the United States in many foreign wars after World War II.

Vietnam’s nightmare – “Deadly Agent Orange”

During the Vietnam War, in order to reverse the passive situation of the Vietnamese Communist guerrillas haunted the dense jungle, the U.S. military sprayed a large amount of deciduous agent, completely exposing the Vietnamese army to the firepower of the U.S. military.

△Sprinkle leaf decidant screen

It is because of the spraying of this orange deciduous agent that Vietnamese civilians have suffered a disaster for more than half a century. At present, there are more than 5,000 confirmed victims in Hong Kong alone, mainly soldiers who participated in the Vietnam War and residents living near Hong Kong Airport.

The Vietnam War, an ideological war that demands human rights and anti-communism, has become the largest, longest and cruel chemical war in human history. To this day, half a century later, the Vietnamese people still suffer from infantile malformations, mental disorders, cancer and other sequelae.

The U.S. government has always insisted that the situation of individual victims in Vietnam is not enough to prove that their cancer or disability is caused by Agent Orange.

In fact, in order to win the war and dominate the world, the behavior of the United States has no borders, never guerable about its own weapons and ammunition, and never cares about the harm that war will cause to civilians.

The reason why the United States frequently launched foreign wars may tell us the answer.

In other people’s land, “prefer to kill by mistake than miss”, use radioactive weapons wantonly, destroy all vegetation with toxic reagents, and open fire at will without discernible nature of the target. In carrying out these acts, who is the “self-evident” human rights in American values are endowed?