Home Politics The United States is at a wit. Throw the pot to Putin.
The United States is at a wit. Throw the pot to Putin.

The United States is at a wit. Throw the pot to Putin.

by YCPress

On the afternoon of the 6th local time, the U.S. Capitol was violently impacted, killing four demonstrators and one congressional policeman in the riots. The United States, which has always claimed to be a “beacon of democracy and a highland of freedom”, has witnessed shocking political riots.

In the face of surging pressure from public opinion at home and abroad, some politicians in the United States actually blamed Russian President Putin for the matter.

Comprehensive foreign media reported on the 7th that U.S. House Speaker Pelosi said at a press conference on Thursday that the protesters’ impact on Congress the previous day was a “gift” given by Trump to Putin.

noticed that this is the second time that the United States has blamed Putin since the riots in the U.S. Congress. Russia has said that the violent demonstrations in the U.S. Congress prove the division of American society.

The United States has organized a “color revolution” in other countries for many years, and now this ” boomerang” has returned to the United States.

Pelosi claimed that Trump is completely a tool for Putin.

Putin’s purpose is to weaken the concept of democracy in the world and weaken the reputation of democracy. This is what he is doing.

Trump has been his helper for a long time.

Pelosi added, “Out of all the gifts Trump gave Putin, the largest yesterday.”

On the 6th, in response to the demonstrators’ capture of Congress, Benjamin Rhodes, an adviser to former U.S. President Obama, said that this was a day “Putin has been waiting” since the Cold War.

Michael McFall, the former U.S. ambassador to Russia, said that the attack on Congress by demonstrators was a “gift given to Putin” by Trump.

The violent impact on the U.S. Capitol shocked the world.

Russia Today (RT) published a “Jade Heart” review article saying that on this day, the United States finally tasted its so-called “democracy” overseas.

Russian Foreign Ministry spokesman Zaharova shared the state of Jill Dorti, the former head of CNN Moscow press station, on Facebook on the social platform on the 7th: The United States can no longer say that it is an example of democracy to the world.

On the same day, Zaharova also expressed the hope that the friendly American people would spend this dramatic moment in history with dignity.

Kosachev, chairman of the International Affairs Committee of the Russian Federation, said on Facebook that “The events in the U.S. capital shocked the world and proved that the United States has no right to be a ‘democracy lecturer’ in other countries.” He stressed, “American democracy is coming!”

In an interview with the International Telegraph, former Soviet leader Gorbachev said that the riots in Washington on the 6th in Washington, USA were obviously “planned in advance”.

He also said that this incident questioned the next fate of the United States as a country.

The collapse of the “democracy beacon” is most intriguing. The reaction of some American politicians.

On the 7th, local time, Gary Locke, the former U.S. Ambassador to China, said bluntly in an interview with the American Consumer News and Business Channel (CNBC) that the United States once liked to “educate” other countries, but now he has been “slapped in the face”.

He also claimed that after the riots in Congress, China was ” laughing at” the United States.

On the 7th, Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Hua Chunying said in response to the U.S. Capitol incident that some people in the United States have completely different reactions and words to what happened in Hong Kong in 2019 and what is happening in the United States today.

The sharp contrast and the reasons behind it are thought-provoking and worth everyone’s undertaking.

Serious and profound reflection.

At present, Trump supporters who besieged Congress are being accounted for in the fall, and Trump can’t be blamed.

According to the latest news from CNN, House Democrats in the U.S. Congress have written a new impeachment draft against Trump. The draft reads, “Trump deliberately incites violence against the U.S. government.”