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The United States has set another astonishing record!

The United States has set another astonishing record!

by YCPress

When I woke up, the United States set another amazing record!

Absolutely stunned, absolutely creating American history. Of course, the back wave of the United States will definitely not end.

Why do you say that?

Because an American record that Mrs. Perassi cherished was broken, it was McCarthy, her top competitor, the minority leader of the U.S. House of Representatives, that broke her.

In order to prevent Biden from passing the $2 trillion social spending bill, McCarthy, who risked, delivered an 8-hour and 32-minute speech in one breath, breaking Perosi’s record for the longest political speech in the United States in 2018.

What’s the concept of 8 hours and 32 minutes?

A normal working day adds up to 8 hours, but he gives an 8-hour and 32-minute non-stop speech without any rest in the middle.

Is this a marathon speech?

No, this is an angry marathon runner’s speech.

You know, the world record of the marathon is only two hours, that is to say, when McCarthy talks, the marathon runners also start running, but when the athletes run to the finish line, McCarthy is still talking. There’s nothing he can do, then continue to run.

He has finished four marathons, and McCarthy hasn’t finished his speech yet.

Of course, this must be carefully prepared. As the top leader of the House Republican Party, McCas is not limited in the length of speeches. Since Democrats are eager to vote on the social spending bill, I’m sorry, I’m messing up.

“If I sound angry, then I am.” McCarthy kicked off and a performance to set a new American record began.

Yes, one is political disruption, and the other is political performance.

At first, Americans didn’t think they would criticize Biden. It is common for American bipartisan politics to attack each other. But the Democrats listened, there was something wrong. This guy is going to play a big game of chess today.

So much so that in the Associated Press report, there is a passage that says:

McCarthy criticized Biden’s package for reckless spending, scolding Speaker Nancy Pelosi for running for the House of Representatives and shifting from one topic to another – inflation, immigration, the threat of China’s rise, his childhood in California, Lincoln’s presidency. , the era of racial discrimination, and even the political impact of the movie Red Dawn on him…

It’s not easy. For more than 8 hours, McCarthy punched Biden, kicked Perosi, and carried Lincoln out to the sun, and rearranged Roosevelt. Naturally, we can’t escape – China must also lie down its gun.

I don’t have time to watch his 8-hour speech, but a friend sent a short video. In this marathon speech, McCarthy told a short story with emotion:

I have a friend of the Senate. Do you know that there is a general of the Communist Party of China who says something to him? He said: America, you are too weak, you are too weak, America, you are weak because you believe in God, and you still eat fentanyl…

Where is this?

Is there any logic?

McCarthy doesn’t need logic.

Is there any evidence?

McCarthy doesn’t need evidence.

Anyway, just scold China. Of course, the purpose of scolding China is to scold Biden. Biden, you are so useless. You let China watch American jokes.

That’s what McCarthy wants.

For example, he is still indignant about Trump. You Democrats, Carter and Obama, can win the Nobel Peace Prize. We Republican Reagan and Trump don’t even have it. It’s unfair.

McCarthy talked a lot, and the Democratic Party who reacted couldn’t sit down. He thought he would vote that night, but it didn’t seem to be able to do it. Well, McCarthy, you can continue. Let’s go home and go to bed first.

Time went by minute by, and McCarthy was not tired at all. At the fourth hour of the speech, Mrs. Perussi couldn’t help it anymore. Although this was the method I had used in the past, it was too unkind for McCarthy to learn something to grab my record.

The old lady issued a statement and scolded McCarthy: When he hoped to be near the end, we all thought: Does McCarthy know where he is now?

McCarthy certainly knew that he knew he would continue until Mrs. Perassi’s original 8-hour record was thrown into the Pacific Ocean.

But this is a pain for his Republican lawmakers. Democrats can go back to bed. They can’t go. Everyone has left. McCarthy really made an air speech.

The first hour was very excited and often applauded; the second hour was a little tired and applauded sparsely; the third hour was yawning repeatedly; the fourth hour, he sat and fell asleep; in the fifth hour, McCarthy suddenly woke them up from their dreams with a scolding…

Minority Republicans are not easy either.

Of course, the majority Democrats do not forget all kinds of cynicism.

Democratic “comer” congressman Raskin kept tweeting and choreographing:

McCarthy swore that he would show us all the wisdom of governance. It’s 11:30 p.m. now. I don’t know if we have become smart, but what I know is that we are all much older.

I must admit that McCarthy has done one thing, and the Americans fell asleep (under his hypnosis).

But it doesn’t work for Americans to fall asleep. McCarthy is still talking. A few hours later, Raskin couldn’t help complaining again:

We have all heard rumors that Republican “take hostage” lawmakers behind McCarthy are so impatient now that they ask McCarthy. Why don’t you just condemn us?

In this way, it was not until after 5 a.m. that McCarthy, who set a new historical record in the United States, finally said something: I didn’t expect that I could say so long, Madam Speaker, I’m done…

Where is Speaker Perassi?

Perassi withdrew a few hours ago and probably was sleeping.

The next day, Per Rossi, who woke up, came to Congress. McCarthy couldn’t make trouble anymore, so he voted on the social expenditure bill.

220 votes to 213.

All Republicans, including McCarthy, voted against it, but after all, Democrats have an advantage and can’t twist their arms, and the bill was passed in the House of Representatives.

Of course, there is a Senate after the House of Representatives. With the example of McCarthy, the Republicans in the Senate are all rubbing their hands.

American politics, isn’t it interesting?

Finally, what do you think?

Today is the weekend, but after writing the article, I have to go to work quickly. Let’s briefly say two points.

First, a Trump left, and more McCarthy came.

McCarthy made history. It’s not easy. It’s an 8-hour and 32-minute speech. Moreover, McCarthy is not fighting alone. Those yawning Republicans are fighting. We oppose whatever Democrats support it; whatever Trump hasn’t finished, we continue to complete it.

Of course, McCarthy’s ambitions can be seen more. You know, Perosi, who was also a minority leader, set the longest speech record in the U.S. Congress and became the speaker again two years later. Now, McCarthy is going to overtake at a corner. The first step is to break the old lady’s record; then, in the midterm elections, the Republican Party is likely to win, and the old lady’s speaker’s seat is really taken away by McCarthy.

So much so that Trump, who has been idle at home, can’t help praising: this McCarthy has performed well.

But Trump, you should also be careful. McCarthy will also steal your spotlight when he comes.

Second, American politics has reached this level, and it is really not easy for American politicians.

Of course, on the other hand, we still need to admire them for their eloquence, for their eloquence, and even more for their bodies. After 8 and a half hours, they still go to work in high spirits.

Alas, American politicians work so hard. Why don’t we work hard?