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The United States has not shaken off Trumpism

The United States has not shaken off Trumpism

by YCPress

February 18 that the website of USA Today published an editorial entitled “In Trump’s confrontation with democracy, the acquittal shows the depth and danger of the Trumpist pandemic”, which said that even if Trump failed to re-election, the despotism still exists in the United States.

The center of politics. The full text is excerpted as follows:

The U.S. Senate vetoed the impeachment clause against former President Donald Trump for “sedition”, and Trump was not convicted. This will be a stain on America’s most prestigious legislature.

The facts are obvious, but the Senate is not only stained, but also sick.

Of the 100 senators who tried Trump’s impeachment case, at least 16 were not independent judges.

They have acted as collusions in Trump’s efforts to overthrow free and fair elections.

Eight people voted last month to overturn Joe Biden’s winning election results – which is exactly what Trump incited insurgents wanted to seek when they marched to Congress from the assembly site on January 6.

Republican senators, including Ted Cruz of Texas, tried to undermine the centuries-old democratic experiment in the United States.

Five of the above-mentioned eight people and six others signed Cruz’ letter, calling for an urgent investigation into Trump’s false accusations and then allowing states to change their electoral votes, and millions of Americans’ opinions will be ignored.

The Republican senators believe that millions of Americans can be denied the right to vote on the basis of false accusations that have been rejected in more than 60 court decisions, many of which were made by judges appointed by Trump himself.

Others spread Trump’s big lies that the election was stolen.

Kentucky Sen. Rand Paul said bluntly at a congressional hearing that the election was “stolen in many ways”.

South Carolina Sen. Lindsey Graham called Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger to pressure him to revise the state’s election results — Biden won by a narrow margin. State officials are currently investigating the matter.

These people helped the insurgents build the illusion that Trump is a legitimate winner, so they can storm the police line and threaten the lives of congressmen and then-Vice President Pence.

The 16 senators were not fair.

They violated their constitutional vows and tried to put the country on the path of unelected presidential dictatorship.

They voted in favor of not criminalizing Trump’s attempt to undermine the peaceful transfer of power, and they all played a role in this act themselves.

Although the disappointing impeachment vote of 57 votes to 43, which allows Trump to play a role in American politics freely in the future, he has left office and has fallen silent on social media, so his chances are limited.

But this is not the case for the authoritarian caucus of the Senate and the similar caucus of the House of more than 100 people. The two caucus hold important power in a heavily divided Congress as Biden works to restore the constitutional guardrails that were dismantled during the Trump administration.

Even if Trump failed to re-election, the authoritarian disease still exists at the center of American politics.

There are many members within the legislature opposing the democratic form of government in the United States, which is a shocking shame, but also a threat.

Trump stepped down, but the United States has not shaken off Trumpism.