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The United States has begun to scram for vaccines.

The United States has begun to scram for vaccines.

by YCPress

Rob, grab, grab. Winning a vaccine is victory. Whether you are the first to need it or not, it is better to do it first. As early as December 18, 2020, local time, when Modena’s emergency application for authorization of the coronavirus vaccine was approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), various looting around the vaccine began.

The Los Angeles Times reported that the rich in the United States are competing for the coronavirus vaccine at a high price in the market.

Rich people naturally talk with money. According to the Los Angeles Times, some people even went directly to the hospital and claimed to donate $250,000 in exchange for a dose of vaccine.

There are also media reports that some medical staff in charge of vaccination in the United States may take advantage of their jobs to steal vaccines in order to get high prices on the black market.

In Uncle Hai’s opinion, this joke is really too big. After all, the coronavirus vaccine developed by Modena is not an inactivated vaccine. This means that the preservation and transportation requirements of vaccines are extremely strict.

Once there is a leak, even if the storage temperature changes slightly, the vaccine will fail. In fact, in Milwaukee, it has been found that local clinicians did not take good care of the vaccine, causing 500 doses of vaccine to fail and have to be discarded.

Of course, for the rich in the United States, because they enjoy more expensive medical services, they have obtained vaccines earlier than ordinary people, and the quality of vaccines should be guaranteed. But it is hard to predict what they will do when they get the vaccine.

In late 2020, New York Governor Cuomo signed an executive order imposing a fine of up to $1 million and revoking agency operating licenses to individuals or institutions that use COVID-19 vaccines to defraud, including doctors, nurses, pharmacists and any licensed health care professionals and Company.

“Vaccines are imperative and invaluable, and there are many people who want to get a vaccine, and fraud is inevitable in the process, and we will not tolerate any fraud in the vaccination process,” Cuomo said. It can be seen that the local authorities in New York foreseen that someone may use vaccines to commit some illegal activities.

It is the general public who really breaks the head for the vaccine. The Associated Press January 1, 2021 has seen confusion since the launch of the coronavirus vaccine in December 2020.

Some elderly people do not hesitate to queue up all night in order to get an injection.

Americans waiting for the coronavirus vaccine

For example, terley Hadler, a 69-year-old Florida piano teacher, is one of the queues waiting for vaccination all night. The reason is that the local implementation of the “first come, first served” principle for people over 65 years old.

After waiting for 14 hours without getting an injection, she saw someone trying to jump the queue halfway, and almost a fight broke out.

“I won’t be in line all night for the vaccine again.” “I was worried that it might become a super-spreading event,” said Hadler. “It scared me.”

In other places, vaccination can be made by telephone appointment. For example, Miami. Local university professor Lynn Humphrey and his 81-year-old mother need to be vaccinated.

But Humphrey made 80 calls before finally getting through to Miami Beach Hospital that could be vaccinated.” The moment I got through, I was going to cry. Humphrey said.

The Washington Post said Trump’s approach was to distribute vaccines to states and then let states carry out vaccinations alone. In some states, there are not enough manpower and funds, and the state’s health system can’t cope with vaccine distribution at all, resulting in inefficient vaccine distribution.

If it is difficult for ordinary people to get the coronavirus vaccine as soon as possible, and they can find one reason or another, then it is really incomprehensible that the medical staff who should have given priority vaccination are excluded from the priority injection population.

The head of the Maine Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said that many health care workers in the state were excluded from vaccinations.

Since the outbreak of the epidemic in the United States, the high incidence of infection areas are nursing homes for the elderly and centers for the disabled.

However, there is a shortage of vaccines here, and even the vast majority of nursing homes have not received vaccines at all. Do these old, weak and disabled people deserve to die of the epidemic? I don’t know what the U.S. government really thinks.

After the outbreak of the epidemic in the United States, various anti-intellectual ideas are common in various media. Even US President Trump once asked everyone to inject disinfectant to kill the virus.

Whether Trump’s words are a joke or not, at least in the United States, some people really believe it! The price of some brands of disinfectant once rose. Some people really drink disinfectant – the virus hasn’t been prevented, so I sent my life first.

Now, after the vaccine came out, there is news that a pharmacist in Grafton, Wisconsin, was arrested for vandalizing more than 500 doses of the coronavirus vaccine.

On the evening of December 24, 2020, the pharmacist took hundreds of doses of the coronavirus vaccine produced by Modena from the refrigerator and put them back to the refrigerator during the day on the 25th.

That night, he repeated the same thing. These vaccines fail due to time-out time at room temperature. It is reported that 57 people have been vaccinated against the invalid vaccine.

It remains to be investigated for the exact reason why the pharmacist did so. Does such a behavior confuse the award remind people of other anti-intellectual Americans?

The United States is indeed a powerful country and has developed several vaccines. But can the United States fight against the epidemic to this stupid extent because of insufficient scientific and technological strength? Obviously not.

In the United States where the epidemic is going, where it already has a vaccine, the key depends on the governance level of the U.S. authorities.