Home Politics The United States called two countries to deal with China together, but it turned out to be embarrassing again…
The United States called two countries to deal with China together, but it turned out to be embarrassing again...

The United States called two countries to deal with China together, but it turned out to be embarrassing again…

by YCPress

I believe you still remember that 2 months ago, Americans led Australia and the United Kingdom to set up a small gang called Aokus to deal with China in the Asia-Pacific region. Unfortunately, this project has deeply hurt France, an American European ally, and even more seriously damaged the relationship between France and Australia. We Chinese watched a big joke aside.

Now, when the United States finds two other countries around China to deal with China together, an embarrassing scene has appeared again.

According to many foreign media reports, the two countries that the United States has been called to deal with China this time are South Korea and Japan next door to China.

On Thursday, the three allies of the United States, Japan and South Korea held a tripartite meeting in Washington. Judging from the speech of U.S. Deputy Secretary of State Sherman, who presided over the meeting, the content of the talks is China – especially the South China Sea and Taiwan issues in addition to North Korea.

However, it was extremely embarrassing that Sherman was the only one who appeared at the press conference after the meeting, and neither the deputy foreign ministers from Japan and South Korea attended the meeting. As a result, Sherman had to speak in a few words and let the press conference come to an end hastily.

Then the question arises, why have the deputy foreign ministers of Japan and South Korea disappeared?

It turned out that according to reports from many foreign media, just the day before the tripartite talks, Kim Changlong, director of the South Korean National Police, just landed on Dokdo Island, South Korea (called “Thushima by Japan”), where Japan believes is a “territorial dispute” to swear sovereignty, which has aroused strong dissatisfaction in Japan. As a result, Japan first shook its face and asked the Japanese deputy foreign minister not to attend the press conference after the meeting. South Korea said that they chose not to attend because the Japanese media would definitely find fault with Dokdo when asking questions, and South Korea would definitely quarrel with Japan because of this, so it would not come.

Of course, the official mouthpiece of the U.S. government, the Voice of America, still has to sing praises to the meeting, saying that although something went wrong with the press conference, the talks were “constructive”.

However, neither the South Korean media nor the Japanese media made a “constructive” statement or characterization of the tripartite talks, but blamed the other party one after another.

Among them, the South Korean media said that the responsibility for this result lies entirely with Japan. It is Japan that deliberately provokes the territorial dispute over Dokdo Island in South Korea for the sake of domestic political needs, and even embarrassed the United States and asked Japan not to destroy Japan-South Korea relations like this again. Japan said that South Korea not only illegally occupied Japan’s “takeshima”, but also publicly landed on the island before the tripartite talks between the United States, Japan and South Korea to provoke. Japan could not accept South Korea’s approach, so it must protest by absenteeism from the press conference.

Japan’s Yomiuri Shimbun even published a report detailing how South Korea “illegally occupied” Japan’s “takeshima”.

And we Chinese, like watching the fallaval between France and the United States last time, have watched a big drama between Japan and South Korea again.