Home Politics The United States began to communicate “very directly” with Iran about hostages.
U.S. says resumption of indirect talks with Iran on the 15th will save Iran's nuclear deal?

The United States began to communicate “very directly” with Iran about hostages.

by YCPress

According to CNN on February 21 local time, Jake Sullivan, a national security adviser, said that the Biden administration had begun to communicate with him about the hostages in Iran.

Sullivan said that the hostage issue is a “priority” of the White House.

Sullivan said that the White House would communicate with Iran “very directly” because the illegal detention of U.S. citizens in Iran is an “unfair humanitarian disaster”.

Sullivan also said that the Iranian side had not responded to the EU’s proposed meeting to discuss the Iranian nuclear program, adding that the initiative was on the Iranian side.

Sullivan said in an interview with CBS’ political program Face the Nation on the 21st that getting Americans “safely home” is a “major priority” for the Biden administration and that their imprisonment is a “complete and complete atrocity”.

Iran has held dozens of dual-national people, including five Americans, most of whom are charged with espionage.

U.S. President Biden said last week that the United States is willing to sit down with Iran and other signatories to the Iranian nuclear agreement.

U.S. State Department spokesman Ned Price has stated that the United States will accept the invitation of the EU High Representative to attend the P5+1 and Iran meeting to discuss the diplomatic path of the Iranian nuclear program.