The UK is conducting antibody therapy trials, which are expected to give high-risk people immediate immunity to the novel coronavirus.

Recently, British scientists are conducting clinical trials of a new antibody therapy that is expected to give those at-risk populations exposed to high-risk conditions of COVID-19 immediately immune.

According to the Guardian on the 25th, the British pharmaceutical company AstraZeneca and the University College London Affiliated Hospital (UCLH) have jointly developed an antibody called AZD7442, which UCLH is studying as the “Storm Ch” for the coronavirus treatment drug trial.

Part of aser. UCLH virologist Catherine Houlihan, who led the push for the storm chaser trial, said: “If we can prove that this antibody treatment is effective, it will prevent people exposed to COVID-19 from developing into confirmed cases, which will be the new martial arts to fight the epidemic. Instruments.

According to a British space news station on the 25th, clinical trials of AZD7442 antibody are currently under way, and 10 people have been injected. UCLH plans to recruit 1,125 people around the world to participate in the test, mainly for medical workers, resident students, close contacts of confirmed cases of the novel coronavirus, etc.

The UCLH team hopes that the antibody drug will immediately develop immunity to COVID-19 in high-risk groups, and the efficacy will remain for 6 to 12 months. If this therapy is proven safe and effective, emergency treatment can be given to people who have been exposed to COVID-19 within 8 days after approval.

The UCLH team believes that before the spread of the coronavirus vaccine, new antibody therapies may play a vital role in the fight against the epidemic.

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