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The U.S. Treasury Department just released a report that raised a big stick to Taiwan

The U.S. Treasury Department just released a report that raised a big stick to Taiwan

by YCPress

Even if you abuse me thousands of times, you still treat you like first love. This sentence couldn’t be more appropriate between the United States and Taiwan.

In the past few years since Tsai Ing-wen came to power, the Taiwan authorities have been responsive to the United States, and even the harshest conditions have been fully accepted. If there is no demand from the United States, the Taiwan authorities must also create opportunities to provide the United States with opportunities for “favoring”. However, the Taiwan authorities’ “good intentions” obviously did not get the “sweetness” of this “scumbag” in the United States.

According to a report on Taiwan Hai.com on December 18, the U.S. Treasury Department released the last exchange rate policy report of the Trump administration on December 16, which gave the Taiwan region a big stick. It is reported that Taiwan Island, which was removed from the “watch list” in the second half of 2017, was once again included on the “watch list” because it met the trade surplus and other standards.

At the same time, countries such as Vietnam and Sweden are classified as exchange rate manipulators. In this regard, these countries responded to the United States in this way.

Switzerland: “Switzerland does not manipulate currency!” Mario Thor, spokesman for the Swiss Federal Department of International Financial Affairs, rejected the US government’s accusation that Switzerland manipulated the exchange rate, and said that Switzerland would hold talks with the US on this matter. This is the first time Switzerland has been accused of “exchange rate manipulation” in an official report of the US government.

Vietnam: The Central Bank of Vietnam stated in the statement that Vietnam’s trade surplus with the United States is the result of “Vietnam’s economic peculiarities”.

The response of the Taiwan authorities is this: Yang Jinlong, president of Taiwan’s so-called “central bank”, stated in March that Taiwan’s surplus with the United States last year amounted to 23 billion U.S. dollars, and the current account surplus accounted for approximately 10.5% of GDP, which is in line with the United States’ first item The second criterion does meet the requirements for inclusion on the watch list. Its vice president Yan Zongda responded on December 17th that he would conduct a review based on the part of the US accusation that Taiwan did not meet the standards…

What to review? Do you review Taiwan’s excessive exports to the United States, or review the Taiwan authorities’ imports of American products not enough?

The hollowing out of the American manufacturing industry has been going on for decades. Most of the basic living materials needed by the people are imported. The United States only needs to turn on the printing press to print US dollars in exchange for products produced in other countries or regions. Supplies. This kind of lucrative business of using waste paper that is too hard to wipe the bottom for supplies, the United States still thinks that other countries or regions have taken advantage of it, and its hegemonic logic is really speechless.

Therefore, some countries are rebelling, and some regions are used to being enslaved to reflect on whether they have done enough to satisfy the United States. Obviously, the Taiwan authorities are the latter.

The attitude of the United States towards Taiwan is no different from that of modern “scumbags.” When asking for money, as long as you speak to the Taiwan authorities, no matter how much it is, the Taiwan authorities will obediently empty their pockets to satisfy the desire of the United States; the United States wants to please other countries it admires, knowing that there are conflicts between that country and Taiwan. He stepped on the stage without hesitation to win the favor of that country. The abandoned stage had to think of the law to find excuses for the United States; he couldn’t woo its favorite object, so he became jealous and forced the stage. With my arms mad at its courtship partner, the Taiwan authorities did not realize that they were violated. They are still proudly demonstrating to the American courtship partner. Look how close I am to the United States!

I have to say, how can the Taiwan authorities’ various performances in front of the United States be “cheap”! For the favor of the “scum man” of the United States, the Taiwan authorities emptied their property to purchase American arms, ignored the lives and health of the Taiwanese people and opened up the import of “dopamine pigs and cattle”, and provoked its motherland mother in every possible way to fight the “scum man. Smile. The dignity of the Taiwan authorities has long been trampled into the mud by the “scum man”.

But what did the Taiwan authorities gain for their shamelessness? With an order from US President Trump, he did not hesitate to impose more than four times tariffs on steel and aluminum products exported from Taiwan, and this time he put Taiwan on the “watch list” for exchange rate control. It can be seen from this that the United States has not taken the efforts of the Taiwan authorities into heart at all. It knows that for the mindless “little girls” like the Taiwan authorities, no matter what they do, the Taiwan authorities will not feel offended or disrespected. They will only feel that they are not doing enough, not in place, and offending.” American Dad” is not happy.

Therefore, the relationship between the United States and Taiwan is completely a bloody plot of a scumbag and a brainless woman. Although the motherland’s mother hates the idiot behavior of the brainless girl, there is no way, who makes this idiot her own child? She didn’t listen to scolding; she was reluctant to beat her; persuaded, this unfilial girl still treated her motherland as her enemy. Poor parents in the world, in the face of such an unfilial child, they can only help him secretly, hoping that one day he can wake up his conscience and recognize the true face of the American “scumbag”.

While people hate the shameless scumbag, they also hate the deceived person’s willingness even if they are deceived. However, because of their own children, they cannot easily give her a few slaps and can only let her. With her temperament, she has been continuously providing financial support to her, waiting for the day when she finally awakens.

To be honest, people’s patience is limited. If Taiwan is unwilling to wake up, then, waiting for it will be slapped to wake it up. At that time, the “scumbag” in the United States had long been hiding away and went happy.