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The U.S. NBA field uses dogs to check for the coronavirus. When the fan smells infection, sits in front of him.

by YCPress

January 25 Sniffing dogs will be introduced to the American professional basketball court on the 28th to detect whether the audience is infected with the novel coronavirus.

According to the Associated Press on the 24th, the Miami Heat are scheduled to play against the Los Angeles Clippers at home on the 28th, when they will screen the audience with sniffer dogs at the American Airlines Arena in downtown Miami.

People wear masks to visit near the reflection pool of the Lincoln Memorial in Washington, D.C., on January 24. The latest statistics on the coronavirus epidemic released by Johns Hopkins University in the United States on the same day show that the cumulative number of confirmed cases in the United States has exceeded 25 million. ( Xinhua News Agency, Photo by Aaron)

Fans will be sniffing dog sniffing in the screening area upon arrival at the gym. If a fan is identified with the virus, the sniffing dog will sit in front of the fan, and the fan will not enter.

Viewers who are afraid of dogs or allergic to dogs will be tested for rapid antigens, and the results will be available within 45 minutes.

The Miami Heat have been preparing for months to introduce sniffing dogs in some previous games this season.

However, those games are only allowed to watch a small number of guests, most of whom are the family and friends of the players and staff.

Starting this week, the Miami Heat’s home game will be open to a limited number of ticket buyers, and the 28th game will be the first game open.

Tickets for the Miami Heat sold out for 451 consecutive games. Under the epidemic, each game will receive a maximum of 2,000 spectators, less than one-tenth of the stadium capacity.

“Sniffer dogs are not new, and they have been used to sniff explosives in the gym for many years,” said Matthew Jafarian, the Miami Heat’s head of corporate strategy.

The researchers found that specially trained dogs can quickly and accurately sniff out the COVID-19 carried by the human body.”

Reuters previously reported, citing research data, trained dogs can identify people infected with COVID-19 with more than 85% accuracy, or even close to 100%.

The United Arab Emirates, Finland, Chile and other countries have arranged sniffing dogs to detect people infected with COVID-19 at airports.