Home Politics The U.S. military still has to fight a nuclear war with China and Russia, and a cold wave will
The U.S. military still has to fight a nuclear war with China and Russia, and a cold wave will

The U.S. military still has to fight a nuclear war with China and Russia, and a cold wave will

by YCPress

Texas in the southern United States is being hit by an unprecedented winter storm. Extremely cold weather has caused severe traffic disruptions and “paralysis” of the state’s power grid.

According to the latest news from the Associated Press, more than 4 million people have suffered power outages. The largest refinery in the United States in Texas has also been closed due to extreme weather.

He has planned to be prepared for water cuts, power cuts, and communications disruptions.” A cold wave has disabled the power grid and traffic of nearly half of the coastlines of the United States.

Texas is experiencing a cold wave that has not been encountered in decades. The road is frozen, and cars are almost impassable. The power consumption is overloaded and the power is cut off in large areas.

My new modern home is facing an energy crisis, because there is only electric stoves, no natural gas and other energy sources. I drove to several stores in the morning to buy the last stove with liquefied gas tanks, ready to cook after the power was cut off. As a result, I came back and drove near my home.

The road was frozen, and the car could not climb the slope and go home. You can only park the parking lot of the community. Wearing mountaineering shoes, I can’t walk on the cement road, so I have to go around the garden grass.

My family is also a specially selected bungalow. If the building, or even a high-rise building, can’t survive after the power is cut off.

The danger of China’s mega-urbanization, which I warned, unexpectedly appeared in Austin, the middle city with less than one million people, the richest energy and high-tech center in the United States.

The power has been cut off once tonight, and the water pipe may also break. It is predicted that it will snow 3-5 inches tomorrow. It will not be warm until next Thursday.

Driving out to see the tents of many homeless people under the highway viaduct, and many begged for food in the rain and snow. These people are the social abandonment targets of Republicans voting in Parliament to refuse local government allocations to rescue homeless people because they have no possibility to vote.

In addition, Professor Chen Ping also revealed to Guancha.com that he is currently trapped at home and unable to go out.

Yesterday, candles, lighters and charcoal stoves in local stores were sold out.

If the traffic can be restored in four days, he should prepare for the water, power and mobile phone.

In the United States, you need to go to sports stores to buy field survival equipment, including cooking and generating electricity with branches in the wild, charging mobile phones.

And yesterday (in the store) all camping necessities were out of stock.

“The U.S. military also boasts of a nuclear war with China and Russia, and a cold wave disabled the power grid and traffic in nearly half of the coast of the United States.” He sighed that the high-rise buildings in large coastal cities, once the power and water are cut off, they will not fight and chaos.

Chen Ping said that his area is located in the northwest of Austin, the capital of Texas, in a high-tech area, close to Apple and Oracle.

The current blizzard situation continues and is expected to last for another week.

Texas is the largest state in the southern United States and the second largest state in the United States, after Alaska.

Texas has a basically temperate climate, and parts of the south have a subtropical climate.

The winters are warm and the summers are hot, and the average temperature varies greatly.

It is on the southernmost part of the United States, along the Gulf Coast, that snowstorms are raging rarely.

The BBC says Texas is known for its vast deserts and shocking heat waves, but now it is covered in thick ice and snow.

According to the National Weather Service, the winter storm was affected by the Arctic cold current.

Extremely cold air masses originating in Siberia entered the central and southern parts of the United States and spread all the way to the Gulf of Mexico.

Texas ushered in the coldest weather in decades, and the sudden drop in temperatures in many places broke records one after another.

Governor Greg Abbott said the state will face a “very dangerous” and “unprecedented” winter storm.

At present, winter storms continue to spread to the southern, central and even northern states of the United States.

The National Weather Service expects blizzard weather to enter the Ohio Valley from the Gulf Coast from the 15th, and then continue to spread to the northeast of the United States.

USA Today quoted the National Weather Service as saying that as of the morning of the 15th, more than 150 million people in 25 states in the United States were under winter storm warning or winter weather warning, stretching from Texas in the south to northern Maine for more than 2,000 miles.

The National Weather Service is expected to have serious traffic disruptions and power outages. Photo from the official social account

Texas is the largest energy and chemical state in the United States.

The state’s oil and gas production accounts for one-third and one-quarter of the country’s production, respectively, and Texas produces about 4.6 million barrels of oil a day.

However, the extreme snowstorm caused considerable damage to the state’s energy industry.

In Midland, a heavy shale oil town in Texas, it is also a scene of “ice and snow”. The town’s temperatures hit a 32-year low, and energy companies fell into a shutdown.

Some oil producers, especially in the Permian Basin of the state, are experiencing unprecedented freezing conditions, which affects oil production and the safety of employees, said the Texas energy regulator.

Motiva Enterprises LLC will close its largest refinery in the United States, located in Port Arthur, Texas, with a daily output of more than 600,000 barrels of oil, sources said.

Valero Energy Corp. Together with Total SE, it will close refineries with a daily output of more than 330,000 barrels and 220,000 barrels in Port Arthur, respectively.