Home Business The U.S. government will not “close down” next week?! Some companies’ stock prices soared by 13.6%! What happened this night?
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The U.S. government will not “close down” next week?! Some companies’ stock prices soared by 13.6%! What happened this night?

by YCPress

On Friday, U.S. time, U.S. stocks opened low and went low. At the close, the three major stock indices rose and fell differently, of which the Dow closed up 0.16%, and the S&P 500 and NAX closed down 0.13% and 0.23% respectively.

The U.S. Senate passed a week-long temporary spending bill on Friday, which means that the U.S. government has avoided the situation of “closure” next week, and lawmakers will have more time to finalize the full-year appropriation bill and the much-profile fiscal rescue plan. Following the news, the Dow turned higher in intraday trading, and the declines of the S&P 500 and the NBD index narrowed.

Disney streaming platform grows rapidly

At the company level, the American media giant Disney soared by 13.6%, providing the largest upward momentum for the Dow. Bob, CEO of the company, previously said that Disney’s video streaming platform has 86.8 million subscribers worldwide, and the number of new subscribers since the beginning of October this year has exceeded 13 million. In addition, the company also predicts that the number of subscribers may reach 350 million in fiscal year 2024.

Several cities in the United States tighten epidemic prevention measures. Investors buy treasury bonds to avoid risks.

As major cities in the United States announced stricter epidemic prevention measures on Friday, coupled with the delay in the U.S. fiscal rescue plan, funds flowed to safe haven assets, U.S. Treasury bonds, and pushed the price of U.S. bonds to rise generally on Friday.

The prospects of British-European trade negotiations are bleak.

Europe’s three major stock indices fell, and the pound recorded its worst weekly performance in September.

The three major European stock markets fell across the board on Friday, with London and Paris closing down 0.8% and 0.76% respectively, and Frankfurt stock markets fell significantly at 1.36%. British Prime Minister Johnson and European Commission President von der Leyen expressed their views on Friday that “it is very likely that a trade agreement will not be reached”. Following the news, the pound fell more than 150 points against the dollar in intraday trading, down more than 1%, and fell about 1.5% this week, the worst one-week performance since September.

International oil prices closed down

Crude oil prices fell on Friday, and the news of tightening epidemic prevention measures across the United States suppressed sentiment in the crude oil market. U.S. WTI light crude oil futures closed at $46.57 a barrel. Brent crude oil futures closed at $49.97 per barrel.

International gold prices have risen for two consecutive weeks.

Gold prices rose on Friday, and gold futures for delivery in February 2021 closed up at $1,843.60 per ounce, and gold prices have recorded a second consecutive week of rise on the weekly line. Market analysis believes that investors are optimistic that the United States will eventually introduce more fiscal stimulus, which will accelerate inflation, which will also trigger investors to buy more gold to hedge inflation.