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The U.S. congressman provoked something that I was afraid that even "God" would be stunned.

The U.S. congressman provoked something that I was afraid that even “God” would be stunned.

by YCPress

Although the prevention and control of the coronavirus epidemic in the United States is one of the worst in the world, it has not prevented the United States from doing things on other issues.

For example, at the opening scene of the 117th Congress yesterday, a member of the United States caused a thing that I was afraid that even their “God” would be stunned…

Judging from the large number of online posts on American social networks, it happened at the opening ceremony of the 117th Congress yesterday.

At that time, Emanuel Cleaver, a Democrat of the United States, who delivered “prayer words” to the opening ceremony, after completing the “prayer” to “God”, in addition to saying “amen”, a common Christian word in ending prayer, was also impressive. The word “awoman” was attached to the field.

“May God bless us who created the world and everything in this world…Amen and awoman,” Cliff said.

Although Cliff himself has not explained why he added such a non-existent English word “awoman” after “Amen”, from the discussion of American netizens and some speculations in the American media, it is likely that this is likely that Cliff’s Democratic Party of the United States has been through revision in recent years.

It is related to changing the language and culture of the United States to achieve “gender equality”.

According to public information, the Democratic Party and its supporters have been “correcting” those suspected of “sexist” in English for the past few years, such as the word “chairman”, is considered to be suspected of “sexism”, because the English word is from the English word “Ch The word “chair” is obviously out of date, but now more and more presidents are already women.

Therefore, it is suspected that Cliff will add such a woman after “amen”, which is also for this reason of “gender equality” – after all, the word “amen” also has the word “men”, right?

Embarrassingly, many American netizens, especially those religious American conservative forces and related media, have pointed out that the word “amen” actually comes from Latin and Hebrew, and that the word does not refer to men and women or gender at all, but is used to express “so/so” (these.” So be it” means.

Even the explanation of the word “amen” given by the Cambridge Dictionary of Cambridge in the United Kingdom and the Merriam-Webster Dictionary shows that the word does not really have anything to do with men and women, but is a concluding sentence used after religious prayer to express the recognition of the word of prayer.

In addition, Merriam-Webster’s Dictionary also shows that the source of the word is the Hebrew word āmēn.

This also means that Cliff added a woman after “amen”, perhaps for him to “gender equality”, but this practice, which is actually quite “drawing snakes and adding feet”, not only exposes his “uneducated”, but also puts the United States now in gender issues such as “gender equality”.

The problem of “formalism” that is divorced from reality has been exposed again.

Therefore, this matter has been criticized by a large number of American netizens.

For example, some people ironically say that if you really want to “correct” English like Cliff, just change all the words in English that contain the three letters “men” to “women”, and you can understand it:

Some American netizens said helplessly: If God knows this, I’m afraid he will be shocked…

However, this disconnected “formalism” problem has been almost ubiquitous in recent years on issues involving men and women and gender equality in the United States, especially the Democratic Party, which earn votes by hyping up such topics.

For example, under former President Obama of the United States, the Democratic Party of the United States pushed for legislation to allow those who are physically male but think they are gender-conscious to be women to freely enter the women’s toilet.

However, this radical approach, which is too “formalistic”, not only failed to gather a positive consensus in American society on the issue of gender equality, but also created a large number of group antagonisms, tearing apart American society and providing a hotbed for the growth of American populist forces.

The Obama-era toilet policy mentioned earlier is one of the reasons why many people supported Trump in 2016. And Trump repealed this rule the year after winning the election.

Unfortunately, the Democratic Party of the United States that won power again in the 2020 election does not seem to have learned the lessons of that year.

In addition to Cliff’s “awoman” farce, Nancy Pelosi, the Democratic Speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives, recently put forward a highly controversial proposal to stop using “gender” such as “father, mother, daughter, son” in the House rules and regulations.

The term describes the relationship between family members, and instead uses it to be more “gender-neutral” to “inclusion” people of other genders other than men and women.

Naturally, the conservative forces in the United States have not missed this opportunity to fiercely criticize the Democratic Party for using this “stupid” policy to subvert American culture and family concepts.

Moreover, Pelosi, who does not recommend the topic of “mother, son and daughter”, has a superposition effect on Cliff’s “awoman” incident on social networks in the United States, and further gives American netizens who are tired of this “formalism” – and those who oppose gender equality – Brings more angles of irony and attack on this matter.

For example, someone said: Cliff is too much, how can he use amen and awomen? What about other genders? Didn’t Pelosi say to include other genders?

In a word, the above is one of the topics that are of greatest concern in the American society, which has accumulated more than 20 million confirmed cases and more than 350,000 deaths in the COVID-19 epidemic.