Home Politics The U.S. Congress was hit. The leader of the main incitement organization was a police undercover agent.
Two FBI law enforcement officers were killed in Florida, USA

The U.S. Congress was hit. The leader of the main incitement organization was a police undercover agent.

by YCPress

After the impact on the U.S. Congress on January 6, the far-right organization Pride Boys is under investigation by law enforcement agencies, which is considered to be the main incitement of the impact on Congress.

However, the leader of such an organization has recently been revealed by the media that he was once an “excellent undercover agent” of the Federal Bureau of Investigation, which can not help but feel very ironic.

According to Reuters, Tario, the leader of Proud Boy, was arrested for fraud in 2012. Since then, he has worked with the FBI and the local police as an informant.

According to the records of the federal court in Miami that year, by the 2014 trial of Tario’s fraud case, federal prosecutors, FBI agents and Tario’s defense lawyers all requested the court for a leniency sentence on the grounds that Tario had been an undercover agent to assist law enforcement agencies in handling the case.

That year, Tarrio’s defense lawyer Ferrer pointed out in court that Tario served as an undercover agent in many cases, helped to investigate cases including drugs, gambling and human trafficking, and was a “great contribution” informant. 

An FBI agent also said that Tario was a “critical part” of the local police investigation. Finally, Tario’s sentence was reduced from 30 months to 16 months.

Former U.S. Attorney Kofi: It is very common for convicted suspects to cooperate with law enforcement agencies.

Usually they do so to commute their sentences.

Not only is there court records, but Johnnies, the former federal prosecutor in charge of the Tario case, also confirmed Tario’s undercover identity to the media.

However, Tario himself firmly denied this. In an interview with the media, Tario insisted that he “does not know about these all things”.

Although the “Pride Boy” organization tried to play down its role in the impact on Congress, the media found that in some key nodes and occasions of the day, it was the members of the organization who coordinated, incited and guided the scene, and the “Pride Boy” had nothing to do with the impact on Congress.

Two days before the incident, Tario was arrested by the police on suspicion of vandalism and illegal possession of weapons just after arriving in Washington.

Although Tario himself did not participate in the assault on Congress, at least five Proud Boys members have been prosecuted by the prosecution.