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The U.S. Air Force investigation report reveals that the U.S. military is “black and white”

by YCPress

December 23 The U.S. Air Force released an investigation report on the issue of air force racism on the 21st, revealing that there are significant differences between African-American and white soldiers in treatment, promotion, punishment and other aspects.

From grassroots soldiers to senior generals, blacks are generally discriminated against.

The report, published by the Air Force Inspector General’s Office, is 150 pages and identifies the Air Force as “ethnically different”.

50% of African-American soldiers said they had been discriminated against because of their color; one third of African-American soldiers said they did not get the same promotion opportunities as white people; and 60% believed that if investigated, they would be more difficult to obtain the presumption of innocence than their white colleagues.

The report shows that compared with whites, blacks are 57% more likely to go to court martial; and 72% more likely to be subjected to non-judicial punishment after investigation.

A black commander of a flying squadron described that since he was only helped by a black superior since he was in the army; and that a black man made a mistake meant the end of his military career.” If you don’t have someone who looks like you to be promoted, you may be lagging behind,” he said. “Black soldiers need to double the effort and can’t make mistakes.”

Not only ordinary black soldiers, but also 45% of black generals, including 4-star generals, said they had suffered racial discrimination. In contrast, 94% of white generals said they did not have such experience.

“Now we all have to make meaningful, lasting and sustainable changes,” said Charles Brown, the first African-American Air Force Chief of Staff who took office in August.

Air Force Secretary Barbara Barrett said that measures will be taken to remove barriers and promote diversity in the military. However, the survey shows that 40% of blacks do not believe that the top of the air force will solve racial discrimination and inequality.

This is a portrait of Freud taken at the scene of the “Occupy City Hall” protest outside the New York City Hall on June 30. ( Photo by Wang Ying, Xinhua News Agency)

The death of George Freud, an African-American man who was violently enforced by white police in June set off another wave of anti-racism in the United States, and the Air Force began the investigation in the same month.

More than 120,000 of the 330,000 active Air Force members responded.” I was surprised by how much worry was buried in this topic,” Air Force Inspector General Sammy Said said at a remote press conference. “The number of [feedback] is amazing.

I know we will receive feedback, but I didn’t expect it to be overwhelming. The military are very eager to tell their stories, hoping that their voices can be heard. Said said he would continue to investigate and release an updated report 60 days later.

Some current and former senior generals of the Air Force began to disclose racial discrimination in the army this summer. David Goldfein, the former Chief of Staff of the Air Force, said shortly after the Freud incident: “What happened on the streets of the United States also exists in the Air Force.

It is sometimes obvious and sometimes not easy to detect. We are not immune to racial prejudice, systemic racial discrimination and unconscious prejudice.”