Home Business The three major U.S. stock indexes closed higher collectively. The game post station fell by more than 30% and triggered a meltdown in the intraday session.
Fund burst, the giant company lost more than About $1B! The share price has plummeted! Crude oil falls, gold rises!

The three major U.S. stock indexes closed higher collectively. The game post station fell by more than 30% and triggered a meltdown in the intraday session.

by YCPress

At 16:00 ET on February 1, the Dow closed up 229.29 points, or 0.76%, or 30211.91 points; the Nasdaq index closed up 332.69 points, or 2.55%, at 13,403.39 points; and the S&P 500 Index It closed up 59.62 points, or 1.61%, to 3773.86 points.

Large U.S. technology stocks rose collectively, with Apple up 1.65%, Amazon up 4.26%, Netflix up 1.25%, Google up 3.6%, Facebook up 1.42%, and Microsoft up 3.32%.

U.S. stocks rose collectively, with JPMorgan Chase up 0.72%, Goldman Sachs up 1.25%, Citigroup up 0.74%, Morgan Stanley up 0.92%, Bank of America up 1.01%, and Wells Fargo up 0.33%.

U.S. chip stocks rose across the board, with NXP Semiconductor up 6.9%, On Semiconductor up 6.4%, Core Labs up 4.7%, Applied Materials up 4.7%, and Lingyun Semiconductor up 4.5%.

Most of the retail stocks in the United States closed down, Gauss Electronics fell 45.31%, and the game post stage triggered a meltdown of 30.77%.

U.S. silver stocks rose 14.82% across the board, leading the rise with Avino Silver & Gold Mines Ltd., which rose 47.97%, Hillway, up 25.08%, and First Majesti, which rose 22.27%. c Silver Corp. COMEX silver futures closed 9.3% at $29,418 per ounce in March, a new high since 2013.

Most popular Chinese concept stocks rose, Zhaoyan Network rose 30.3% to a new record high, Ai Click rose 26.9% to set a record high, Silver Metal Mining rose 25.2%, Yihang Intelligent rose 22.8%, Bilibili rose 6.8%, Pinduoduo rose 5%, Alibaba rose 4.3%, JD.com rose 2.9%, Baidu rose 2.9%.

In terms of decline, one education technology fell 14%, who to learn from fell 8%, and there was a 5.1% drop.

New energy vehicle stocks rose and fell differently, with NextEV closing flat, Xiaopeng Automobile rising 2.2%, and Ideal Automobile falling 0.65%.

In terms of data, the final value of Markit manufacturing PMI in the United States rose to 59.2 in January, a new high since data was recorded in May 2007.

In terms of news, the enthusiastic trading situation of individual stocks such as game post stations has further attracted the attention of the U.S. government and regulators.

In an interview with the media on January 31, local time, President Biden’s senior economic adviser, said that the Biden administration would investigate the legal issues of last week’s “GameStop” roller coaster stock trading.

“The committee is committed to a comprehensive understanding of what’s happening, with a focus on protecting retail investors and fair trading to detect and track down potential violations,” said Brian Deese, chairman of the National Economic Commission, told NBC News.

The Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) said that it is paying close attention to the extreme market volatility recently, examining whether the actions taken by entities under its supervision put investors at a disadvantageous low level, or improperly inhibited the ability of users to trade certain securities.

European stocks: The three major European stock indexes closed up collectively on the 1st. The Financial Times 100 Stock Average Index closed at 6466.42 points, up 58.96 points, or 0.92%; the CAC40 index in Paris closed at 5461.68 points, up 62.47 points, or 1.16%; German law The DAX index of Lankford stock market closed at 13,622.02, up 189.15 points, or 1.41%.

International oil prices: New York oil prices rose on the 1st, and New York light crude oil futures for March delivery rose $1.35 to $53.55 a barrel.

Gold: The most active April gold futures market on the New York Mercantile Exchange rose $13.6 on the previous trading day on the 1st, closing at $1863.9 per ounce, or 0.74%.