Home Politics The Taiwanese media are boasting about the omnipotent “magic wind”.
The Taiwanese media are boasting about the omnipotent "magic wind".

The Taiwanese media are boasting about the omnipotent “magic wind”.

by YCPress

A few days ago, there are so-called “famous mouths” on the island advocating “magnitude” in the media.

According to a report by Taiwan Strait.com on November 28, the so-called “famous” Wang Ruide on the island claimed on the program recently that Taiwan’s “Xiongfeng 2E” surface-to-surface extended-range missile has actually been successfully developed, with a range of 1,300 kilometers and will bring the PLA’s eastern theater Covered. If you deploy Matsu and other more advanced islands, you can even reach Wuhan and Guangzhou as far as possible…

Seeing this, I have to admire Taiwan’s “famous mouth” is really dare to blow! They came to the conclusion that the strike surface of “Xiongfeng 2E” can cover the coastal cities on the eastern part of the mainland. It is very simple, that is, draw a circle with a place in the island as the center and a radius of 1300 kilometers, including the mainland area within this circle. It’s the scope of its attack. In other words, wherever the circle comes, it will be wiped out.

Today’s “Xiongfeng” is simply the omnipotent God of War on the island, capable of bombing the Three Gorges, attacking warships, and gaining some control…I can’t talk about it any more, and I will almost HOLD want to beat people. I really want to ask: Does the ignorant feel fearless?

If war can really be converted so easily, I am afraid that these so-called “famous mouths” will have no chance to speak up on TV shows. Just pick a few pieces from the mainland’s weapons arsenal, and draw a circle with their range as the radius to cover the entire Taiwan Island. Moreover, without the need for those sophisticated missiles, the long-range rockets deployed by the mainland can directly turn the entire island into a sea of ​​flames.

In modern warfare, with the exception of nuclear weapons (not on Taiwan), a certain piece of weaponry cannot determine the outcome of a war. Modern warfare pays more attention to systematic combat. From space control, sky control, sea control, electromagnetic control to the ground, it has become a five-in-one overall operation.

What if the “Xiongfeng 2E” has a range of 1,300 kilometers? Before launching the cavern, it was discovered by the satellites in the sky and locked by long-range precision guided missiles; without air dominance, the missile position would be reduced to fighter targets; without sea dominance, the air defense missiles of surface ships could also intercept and counterattack midway; on the ground; Radar can also pass reverse calculations, and immediately guide ground artillery and missiles to launch counterattacks at the moment the missile is launched…

Today, when the military strength gap between the two sides of the strait is getting wider and wider, the “xiongfeng” simply cannot play any role.

To be honest, Hetai’s so-called “famous mouth” is a big fist than anyone else. People in the media on the island have long revealed that the so-called “famous mouths” of Taiwan Green Media are all showing off manuscripts. Whoever exaggerates Taiwan’s relegation to the mainland will get more appearance fees. If you really want to compete with them for a blush and a thick neck, you can only devalue them to raise their appearance fees.

But at this sensitive moment, I have to remind the island that the brainless advocacy of these Taiwan green media cannot deter the mainland from resolving the Taiwan Strait issue. On the contrary, the more intense the Taiwan media’s advocacy of “rejecting reunification by force”, the closer Taiwan will be to war.

Since the beginning of this year, as the Taiwan Democratic Progressive Party authorities have become more colluded with the United States, mainland China has demonstrated greater determination to resolve Taiwan Strait issues. 

From the changes in the formulation of the “Two Sessions” report on the issue of national reunification, the high-profile commemoration of the 15th anniversary of the promulgation of the “Anti-Secession Law”, the drafting and promulgation of a “list of diehard separatists,” a strong counterattack against countries that manipulate the “one China” principle, to the People’s Liberation Army Judging from the intensive military exercises along the southeast coast, the normalization of PLA military aircraft to cruise the southwest airspace of Taiwan Island, and the crossing of the so-called “center of the strait,” the mainland has almost lost patience with the Taiwan separatists. To resolve the Taiwan Strait issue in a non-peaceful way, only one tipping point is needed.

At this time, Taiwan media advocated that “Xiongfeng 2E” could cover the eastern part of the mainland, which is tantamount to adding fuel to the fire, for fear that the mainland’s strikes were not violent and comprehensive enough, for fear that the mainland’s long-range firearms were not accurate enough, for fear that they would not die fast enough. 

In order to pay a notice fee of several thousand yuan, disregarding the lives of the people on the island, blatantly advocated for the DPP authorities to “reject reunification with force.” These so-called “famous mouths” on the island will sooner or later pay a heavy price for their own temporary interests. .