Home Politics The so-called list of the Communist Party of China is a complete anti-China scam!
The so-called list of the Communist Party of China is a complete anti-China scam!

The so-called list of the Communist Party of China is a complete anti-China scam!

by YCPress

Recently, the media and politicians of the United Kingdom, Australia and other countries hyped up a strange news, saying that according to a document containing information about 1.95 million members of the Communist Party of China, it is inferred that members of the Communist Party of China have “infiltrated” into the United Kingdom and other Western institutions and enterprises in China, and said that “the United States has taken the lead in sounding the alarm bell”. However, they also admitted that there was no evidence that these institutions had encountered espionage.

No evidence but forced placement of “spy”? Some anti-China elements in the West seem that Guizhou donkey is poor, almost crazy, and also engages in the old-fashioned way of spreading the “China threat”. It is really brainless and shameless!

Looking back on the key links of this matter, it is not difficult to see the truth.

Look at the source of the document first. British and Australian media said that the document they obtained came from an organization called the Transnational Parliamentary Union for Policy towards China (IPAC). So, what kind of organization is this?

According to U.S. media reports, the organization was led by U.S. Senator Mark Rubio in June this year. It has 18 members from eight countries and is known as the “Eight Alliance” to “build an appropriate and coordinated response on issues related to China”.

These members are basically “marginal people” in the political circles of various countries. After being brought together by Rubiola, who “reverses when they are in the middle”, they continue to smear China on Hong Kong, Xinjiang, Tibet and other issues, trying to gain attention.

It is noted that Rubio has recently been sanctioned by China for interfering in China’s internal affairs. Against this background, this so-called list of Communist Party of China is just Rubio’s crazy counterattack, and it is another lie fabricated by the IPAC to discredit China. Who can I fool?

Let’s take a look at the so-called “evidence”. Western media and politicians who seized the story said that they found from the document that some foreign consulates in China and international enterprises had or are currently staff members of the Communist Party of China. Based on the membership of the Communist Party of China in these institutions, it is believed that China is engaged in “infiltration”, which is either out of ignorance or ulterior motives.

Anyone who knows China knows that China is a socialist country led by the Communist Party of China, which is China’s national situation. At present, there are 92 million members of the Communist Party of China. They play a pioneering and exemplary role in all walks of life. It is very normal for foreign institutions to employ employees with Communist Party membership in China.

Those members of the Communist Party of China who work in foreign institutions have done their due duties and have been widely recognized by their institutions. What’s more, even the Western media themselves admit that there is no evidence that foreign institutions and enterprises have encountered espionage. If you can’t come up with evidence, but you can’t force your hat. Isn’t it even a basic face?

At this point, the fact is very clear that this matter is basically a “one-headed” made by a few anti-China elements in the West, which is a complete anti-China fraud. What they do is actually a routine that the “Five Eyes Alliance” often cooperates. For example, when the United States introduced sanctions policies, Australia and other institutions issued so-called reports to “corroborate”. This has a precedent on the Xinjiang issue.

It has been noted that recently, from the issuance of new regulations by the U.S. State Department restricting the travel of Communist Party of China and their immediate family members to the United States, to the vicious attack on the Communist Party of China in the recent speech of the United States Secretary of State Pompeo, to the hype of the so-called list of Communist Party members in the United Kingdom and Australia and other media and politicians, some anti-China elements in the West are working together to provoke ideology.

Confrontation, plotting to label China as “spy” in order to further smear China’s image in the international community, intensify the suppression of China’s fabrication for change, and then kidnapping and restricting the next U.S. government’s policy space towards China, and pushing China and the United States to complete confrontation. This strong ideological prejudice and deep-rooted cold war thinking, with the resurgence of McCarthyism, should be highly vigilant to the international community.

There is a Western proverb: “God will make him crazy first if he wants to destroy it.” As we all know, members of the Communist Party of China are the advanced representatives of the Chinese people.

To slander and smear members of the Communist Party of China is against all Chinese people, and all rational and conscientious people will resolutely oppose it. A few Western media and politicians are being told to stop the clown-style performance of jumping beams as soon as possible, otherwise they will have to lose their own ugliness and humiliate themselves.