Home Business The “short-forcing” war in the United States turned to the silver market.
Fund burst, the giant company lost more than About $1B! The share price has plummeted! Crude oil falls, gold rises!

The “short-forcing” war in the United States turned to the silver market.

by YCPress

Nowadays, the short-force war between American retail investors has shifted from “fairy stocks” to the silver market.

Recently, through joint call purchase, retail investors in the United States have forced large hedge funds to collectively close their positions by short-selling stocks by short institutions.

According to media reports, retail investors in WallStreetBets Forum began to focus on a new short target: silver.

A retail investor with the user name “jjalj30” called on retail investors to focus on silver for the next round of short firepower in the post.

The silver market is currently one of the most manipulated markets in the world, and dozens of banks cover up actual inflation by manipulating the prices of gold and silver, according to jjalj30.

Whether in the field of industry or currency, the current easing of central banks around the world should push up the price of silver.

The inflation-adjusted silver price should be $1,000/ounce, not about $25/ounce now.” jjalj30 believes that retail investors can push up silver prices by continuously buying silver ETF (SLV).

Just last Friday, silver prices have fluctuated significantly. Silver futures rose by more than 6% at one time, while gold futures rose by only about 0.5% in the same period.

In addition, market data showed that the silver ETF (SLV) inflowed $1 billion a day on Friday, almost twice the previous record for the 15-year-old ETF.