Home Politics The “Safe Harbor” Period of the U.S. Election has arrived. Trump’s efforts to turn the tables are often frustrated.
The "Safe Harbor" Period of the U.S. Election has arrived. Trump's efforts to turn the tables are often frustrated.

The “Safe Harbor” Period of the U.S. Election has arrived. Trump’s efforts to turn the tables are often frustrated.

by YCPress

Reference News Network reported on December 10 that the U.S. election reached a key milestone on Tuesday as the “safe harbor” deadline came. This effectively locked in the victory of President-elect Biden, who won the majority of the electoral college.

According to the report, under the American system, the election of the president is indirect to some extent. Each state receives a certain number of electoral votes according to the size of the population. The candidate who wins 270 electoral votes is the winner of the general election.

The report pointed out that the “safe harbor” deadline came 35 days after election day, which set aside time for resolving any election disputes. If any state certifies the election results before the “safe harbor” deadline, then Congress cannot intervene and overturn the election results of these states after that.

As of Tuesday, almost all states except Wisconsin had certified their election results to meet deadline requirements, and Biden had obtained a majority of the electoral votes. In some swing states, including Wisconsin, the Trump campaign and its allies still have some unresolved long-term legal challenges, but these challenges have little chance of success and will not affect the election results.

Late Tuesday, the U.S. Supreme Court rejected a Republican legal challenge, the report said. The challenge attempts to invalidate millions of mail-in ballots in Pennsylvania, a key state of the election.

The Supreme Court’s rejection — which was undisputed — was another notable defeat by President Trump, who in fact failed to change any election results.

The report pointed out that an important event will be held next week after the expiration of the “safe harbor” deadline, when the electoral college will vote.

This usually calm process has been closely watched this year, as Trump refuses to admit defeating the election and is still seeking to overthrow the election results.

There are concerns that Trump may try to prevent states from certifying their election results on time, although this scene has not become a reality – although the president has put great pressure on some Republican officials in the key swing states of Biden’s victory.

The Trump campaign issued a statement Tuesday saying they would continue to challenge the election results. “The only fixed date in the U.S. Constitution is the presidential inauguration at noon on January 20,” said Rudy Giuliani, a lawyer for the Trump campaign, and Gianna Ellis, a legal counsel for the Trump campaign.

They also said: “Despite the media’s efforts to claim that the fighting is over, we will continue to defend election integrity until the fair and accurate calculation of legitimate votes.”