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The Russian vaccine came out, but the Russians were going to cry…

by YCPress

According to Reuters local time on the 9th, a Russian health official warned that anyone who has been vaccinated against Russian Sputnik V (Satellite V) should quit drinking for nearly two months. This warning has aroused strong opposition from some Russians, who believe that this demand is unreasonable.

Anna Popova, head of the consumer health watchdog, told the Russian Komsomolsk Pravda on Tuesday that people should stop drinking for at least two weeks before receiving the first injection. She suggested that people should quit drinking for 42 consecutive days.

Before the clinical trial was over, Sputnik V had been approved by the Russian authorities and began to provide a large-scale promotion throughout Russia this week to doctors, soldiers, teachers and social workers. The interval between the two vaccines is 21 days.

“It really bothers me, I’m less likely to not drink for 80 days in a row,” said Moscow resident Elena Klivin. “I think quitting alcohol will put stress on the body, especially during the holidays, worse than the side effects and so-called benefits of the vaccine.”

Klivan refers to the main New Year’s public holiday. Many Russians will relax on vacations at home or abroad in the first 10 days of 2021, during which alcohol consumption is high.

The report pointed out that despite the sharp decline in consumption since 2003, Russia is still one of the countries with the largest per capita drinking in the world.

Popova warned that alcohol would reduce the body’s ability to build immunity to the novel coronavirus. She said: “This is a kind of stress for the body. If we want to stay healthy and have a strong immune response, don’t drink alcohol.”

However, Popova’s suggestion was refuted by vaccine developer Alexander Gintsburg. On Wednesday, the Twitter account “Sputnik V” posted a completely different suggestion, with a picture of Hollywood actor Leonardo DiCaprio holding champagne.

“A cup of champagne doesn’t hurt anyone, or even your immune system,” Ginsburg said. He said that while the body builds immunity, it is prudent to reasonably reduce alcohol consumption, but there is no need to give up completely.

However, he also pointed out that it is essential not to drink alcohol for three days before and after two injections. He said that this advice is the same for all vaccinated people in the world, not just for Russians.Click to enter the topic: