Home Politics The Russian army is equipped with new unmanned helicopters, which will be used to study anti-drone operations.
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The Russian army is equipped with new unmanned helicopters, which will be used to study anti-drone operations.

by YCPress

According to the website of “Defense World” on December 23, the “Technodinamika” company of the Russian State Technology Group recently handed over the first batch of multi-functional unmanned helicopter systems to the Russian Air Force.

According to the report, the helicopter can be used for the testing of new weapons, and can also be used in reconnaissance, firefighting, agricultural cultivation and transportation tasks. The helicopter is designed to simulate low-speed drones and helicopters.

The whole system includes a helicopter with a take-off weight of more than 300 kilograms, a ground control station, ground support facilities and other equipment.

This unmanned helicopter can simulate the behavior of complex aerial targets, allowing new weapons to be tested as close as possible to combat.

The use of such “target drones” makes it possible to assess the accuracy of weapon guidance and the effectiveness of striking targets, the Russian State Technology Group said in a press release.

“[The company] received a development contract in 2015 and Granny began mass production in 2019, and the first batch of the new drones had been delivered to the troops,” said the head of Technology Dynamics.

He added that the machine can also be used to monitor forest fires, agricultural cultivation or the transportation of petroleum products, and has great potential for application in the civil field.

It is reported that in the conflict in the Naqqa region that has just ended for more than a month, the drones equipped by Azerbaijan, such as Turkey, Israel and other countries, have played a key role in the battle.

Armenian troops equipped with Russian-made air defense weapons systems seem to be helpless about these drones, and even have appeared anti-aircraft radars.

The situation where anti-aircraft missiles were directly destroyed by Azerbaijani drones. The combat effectiveness of Azerbaijani drones on the battlefield of Naka has also attracted the attention of Russia, and the Russian army is also studying how to deal with drone weapons.

The unmanned helicopters ordered by the Russian army are likely to be used as target aircraft to study the way of counter-UAVs.