Home Politics The riots in the United States highlight the intensification of the confrontation between the “two Americas”
The riots in the United States highlight the intensification of the confrontation between the "two Americas"

The riots in the United States highlight the intensification of the confrontation between the “two Americas”

by YCPress

January 14 The violent impact on Congress by U.S. President Trump supporters continues to attract international public opinion, including the American media.

Several media believe that the congressional riots highlight the increased polarization of American society, while once again exposing the serious “double standards” of police law enforcement under racism, leading to the collapse of public trust in American democracy.

Increased social polarization

Eurasia Group, a US political risk consulting company, ranked the political division of the United States first in its recently released report “Top Ten Risks in the World in 2021”.

The report said that US President Trump refused to admit defeat in the 2020 U.S. election and believed that Democrats had “stealed” his victory, which has never happened in American history, highlighting the extent of the division in the United States, which will continue.

The Washington Post article said that the joint meeting of the U.S. Congress to confirm the election results turned into a divisive political farce.

The violence reflects the serious polarization of American society and the growing pain of the American political system.

Russian TAS quoted Kortunov, director of the Russian Council for International Affairs, as saying that the tragic event witnessed that the division of American society not only exists, but also deepens the division.

The British Guardian commented that the real important issue now facing the United States is how to save democracy.

American society has become more and more divided.

image 803 e1610691972297 The riots in the United States highlight the intensification of the confrontation between the "two Americas"
On January 6th local time, a joint meeting between the U.S. Senate and the House of Representatives to confirm the results of the electoral college was interrupted by the large-scale riot caused by the intrusion of current President Trump supporters. The picture shows the fire in front of the U.S. Capitol in Washington, D.C.

The “double standard” of police law enforcement is obvious.

U.S. News & World Report magazine’s article “Double Standards of Law Enforcement of U.S. Congressional Riots and Police Protests” on the 12th said that after the Congressional Riots, many critics compared it with “Black Lives are Life” protests and police law enforcement methods, which is another example of “Two Americas”.

In Black America, most peaceful protesters are often violently enforced. In the “white United States”, violent demonstrators face fewer and more moderate law enforcement.

CNN reported that Alison, a black man who participated in the “Floyd’s Death” protest last year, said that he and his companions were using riot weapons such as flash bombs, pepper spray, tear gas, rubber bullets and other riot weapons when he and his companions were peacefully protesting.

In the congressional violence on the 6th, police even took selfies with protesters at the scene.

“We live in two different Americas.” NBA star LeBron James pointed out that police law enforcement “double standards” in an interview about the violence in Congress.

James said: “I can’t imagine what would happen if my fellow black people rushed into the Capitol. We all know what happens when black people get close to the Capitol, let alone break into the office or splash in the corridor.

American democracy is more fragile.

The French newspaper Figaro published an article saying that the violence on the 6th intensified resentment and mistrust between different camps in American society and plunged the United States into a new political crisis.

German newspaper Le Monde published an article saying that this incident weakened the United States. Overnight, the democratic and moral highlands of the United States became more fragile.

The Asian Times published an article “American democracy died on Capitol Hill” saying that “public trust in American democracy has collapsed”.

Mary, an Associated Press reporter who experienced the riots on that day, said in an article on the 13th that although it had passed, she still couldn’t believe what happened in Congress.

She wrote, “I lost the sense of security I have always had in the Capitol, and I feel very sad about it, not only for myself, but also for my country. I will soon return to work in Congress, and security will be stricter by then, but it is no longer the safest place in Washington.”