Home Politics The referendum on amendments to Kyrgyzstan’s constitution ended.
The referendum on amendments to Kyrgyzstan's constitution ended.

The referendum on amendments to Kyrgyzstan’s constitution ended.

by YCPress

At 20.00 local time on April 11, the referendum on amendments to Kyrgyzstan’s constitution officially ended. 

Shaildabekova, chairman of the Kyrgyz Central Election Commission, said at a press conference that as of 18:00 Bishkek time on the 11th, a total of 1610,591 Kyrgyz citizens had participated in the vote, of whom 1,891 were voting overseas, with a voter turnout rate of 29.44%.

Kyrgyzstan stipulates that the result of the referendum will take effect on the condition that the turnout is not less than 30% and the option gets more than 50%. Shayrdabekova said that the current turnout is very close to the 30% rule.

In addition, the Central Election Commission of Kyrgyzstan said that 36 complaints of violations of the electoral process and destruction of the elections were received on the same day, which had been implemented one by one, and polling stations and individuals who violated the regulations were punished accordingly.

On the same day, Kyrgyz President Zaparov appealed to voters after the vote, hoping that all Kyrgyz people would not be indifferent to the future of the country and make the right choice with the votes in their hands. Building a strong country requires a strong constitution first.

The referendum has 2,435 polling stations inside and outside Kyrgyzstan, involving about 3.6 million voters. The revision of Kyrgyzstan’s Constitution mainly focuses on two aspects: first, it clearly stipulates that the state system of government is a presidential system, and second, it reduces the number of parliamentary seats from 120 to 90.