Home Politics The Prime Minister of the Democratic Republic of the Congo submitted his resignation.
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The Prime Minister of the Democratic Republic of the Congo submitted his resignation.

by YCPress

Brazzaville, January 29th – Kinshasa News: The Presidential Palace of the Democratic Republic of the Congo announced on the 29th that Prime Minister Ilenga submitted his resignation to President Tsekdi that night.

After meeting with Tsekdi, Ilenga told the media that he had accepted the current political situation and thanked President Tsekdi and former President Kabila.

On the 22nd of this month, Ilenga and his government were jointly launched by several parliamentarians to launch a no-confidence proposal.

Ilenga then said that the proposal of no confidence against himself and members of the government violated the constitution and parliamentary regulations, and he refused to cooperate with the relevant procedures.

On the 27th, the National Assembly voted to recall Ilenga and said on social media that the Prime Minister should submit his resignation within 24 hours after the recall vote was passed.

The Democratic Republic of the Congo held a general election on December 30, 2018, and the opposition candidate Tssekedi was elected president.

However, the political coalition of former President Kabila won a majority of seats in the National Assembly and Senate elections, and the two political forces continued to play games.

In May 2019, Tsekdi and Kabila’s political alliance jointly formed a cabinet and appointed Ilenga as Prime Minister. In December 2020, Tsekdi announced that he would suspend the coalition and would seek an additional parliamentary majority.

Ilenga is nearly 80 years old and has more than 30 years of political experience.

He has held many important positions in the financial department and is an ally of Kabila.