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Serbian President Vucic: will inject Chinese vaccine

The President of Serbia will personally go to the airport to receive 1 million doses of Chinese coronavirus vaccine.

by YCPress

January 16 According to a report by Russian Satellite Network on the 16th, Serbian President Vučić’s office announced that Serbia will receive one million doses of the coronavirus vaccine developed by China Pharmaceutical Group Co., Ltd. (State Pharmaceutical Group) on the 16th.

The announcement reads that Vučić would personally travel to the airport to meet a Serbian Airlines plane.

This plane is exactly the plane that “sold 1 million doses of the National Pharmaceutical Group vaccine from China to Serbia”.

Serbian Prime Minister Bunabic previously said that Belgrade had reached an agreement with different vaccine manufacturers to purchase 8 million doses of vaccines, enough to vacculate 4 million people.

Vučić pointed out that the authorities intend to vaccinate 80% of its citizens against the novel coronavirus. The population of Serbia is about 7 million.

According to the members of the Serbian National Anti-epidemic Command, like the COVID-19 vaccines of Pfizer in the United States and the Camalea Center in Russia, the COVID-19 vaccine of China National Pharmaceutical Group will be temporarily registered first and then officially registered.

Data picture: On April 2, 2020, local time, medical staff are sorting out protective clothing at the Vojvodina Clinical Center in Novi Sad, Serbia.

It is also reported that in March 2020, after the outbreak of the novel coronavirus in Serbia, President Vučić delivered a televised speech to the public, saying that the epidemic situation in Serbia is serious and urgently needs assistance, and they pinned their hopes in China.

Subsequently, China sent a medical expert team to Serbia to assist in the fight against the epidemic and sent a large number of medical supplies to Serbia to help the Serbian people effectively fight against the epidemic, which was highly praised and praised by the Serbian side.

After the COVID-19 vaccine produced in China was put into use, Indonesia, Turkey, Peru, Hungary, Egypt and other countries have ordered relevant vaccines.

According to data, more than 50 countries and regions around the world have been interested in ordering China’s coronavirus vaccine.

Serbian President Vučić greets the arrival of Chinese vaccines at the airport

January 16th, local time, the second day of Serbia’s traditional New Year, and the lowest temperature since the beginning of winter, a simple and grand reception ceremony was held at the capital Nikolai Tesla International Airport in Belgrade.

At about 9:50 a.m., with the safe landing of a Serbian air cargo plane, the first batch of 1 million doses of Chinese medicine inactivated vaccine arrived in Belgrade.

President Vučić personally led Health Minister Ronchar and other government officials to wait and greet him on the tarmac to brave the freezing temperature of minus seven degrees.

Chen Bo, the Chinese ambassador to Serbia, Accompanied, more than a dozen Serbian media reported on the arrival of Chinese vaccines on the spot.

President Vučić said in an interview with the station reporters on the spot that he would not hide his love for China on any occasion, and he hoped to express his gratitude again for China’s support in helping Serbia fight the epidemic.

Ambassador Chen Bo said that China was the first country in the world to commit to the coronavirus vaccine as a public product.

Only two weeks after the registration of the national drug vaccine in China, a large number of vaccines arrived in Serbia.

Hopefully, Chinese vaccines will play an important role in Serbia’s eventual control of the epidemic.

So far, the Serbian government has purchased three vaccines, including Pfizer, Russia’s Satellite V, and Chinese domestic inactivated vaccines.

The Chinese vaccine is the first mass-scale vaccine to arrive.

On the 15th, the Ministry of Health of Serbia knew that the Ministry of Education counted that high school and university educators who are willing to vaccinate against China will be given priority to medical workers and educators after passing the registration of the Serbian Drug and Medical Device Administration.

In addition, Finance Minister Mali announced on the same day that he had submitted an application for vaccination against China.

At present, Serbian citizens and foreign citizens in Serbia can make an appointment for the vaccination against the novel coronavirus through online filing or telephone center appointments .