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The President of Romania nominated Kechu as the new Prime Minister.

by YCPress

Bucharest, December 22 Romanian President Johannes announced on the evening of the 22nd that he had nominated Vasily-Florin Kechu from the National Liberal Party as the new Prime Minister and authorized Kechu to complete the formation of the cabinet as soon as possible.

Johannes held consultations with the Romanian parliamentary party on the new prime minister in the afternoon of the same day and accepted the candidate proposed by the ruling coalition.

The Social Democratic Party, the largest party in the parliament, refused to participate in the above-mentioned consultations.

Kechu said that the country is currently in a difficult period, and he will do his best to form a stable and lasting government.

On the evening of the 21st, the National Liberal Party, the Alliance for the Rescue of Romania-Liberal Union and Unity Party, and the Hungarian Democratic Union signed an agreement to form a center-right ruling coalition.

The ruling coalition has a total of 244 seats in Parliament, which exceeds half of the parliamentary seats required to form a cabinet.

According to the Romanian Constitution, Ketsu must submit the list of government members and the platform of governance to Parliament within 10 days, and be sworn in after obtaining a vote of confidence in Parliament.

Born in 1972, Kechu was elected to Parliament in 2016 as Minister of Finance since January 2019.

On the 6th of this month, Romania held a general parliamentary election.

In the election of both houses of parliament, the Social Democratic Party led by nearly 30% of the vote, but did not reach the seats required to form a separate cabinet.