Home Politics The President of Algeria announced a cabinet reshuffle.
The President of Algeria announced a cabinet reshuffle.

The President of Algeria announced a cabinet reshuffle.

by YCPress

Algerian President Teben announced on February 21 local time that the existing cabinet members would be restructured to change the current unsatisfactory government work.

According to the latest list of cabinet members released by the country’s presidential palace, some ministers who are considered inefficient have been replaced. It is reported that President Turben is also considering the merger of some existing government agencies to streamline their institutions and improve office efficiency.

Teben made a government reshuffle decision on the 19th after returning home from Germany for treatment of foot diseases.

The President of Algeria partially reshuffled the cabinet

Algiers news: Algerian President Teben signed a decree on the 21st to partially restructure the cabinet.

The Algerian presidential palace said in a statement on the same day that Terben decided to keep Gerrard as the Prime Minister of the government, remove seven ministers, including the Minister of Industry, the Minister of Energy, the Minister of Tourism, and the Minister of Water Resources, and appoint some new ministers.

Turburn also signed the decree to dissolve the National Assembly (House of Representatives) on the same day.

On February 18, Turben announced that he would dissolve the National Assembly and restructure the cabinet to replace some “unperforming” cabinet members.

According to the Algerian Constitution, the President has the power to appoint the Prime Minister and other cabinet members, dissolve the National Assembly and hold elections within three months.

The Algerian Parliament consists of the National Assembly and the House of Peoples (Senate), in which the members of the National Assembly are elected by universal suffrage for a term of five years.

Algeria’s last National Assembly election was held in May 2017.