Home Politics The police involved in the U.S. gun case and the local police chief resign
The police involved in the U.S. gun case and the local police chief resign

The police involved in the U.S. gun case and the local police chief resign

by YCPress

The female police officer and the city police chief of the city who shot and killed an African-American suspect in Center, Brooklyn, Minnesota, resigned on the 13th.

The police officer Kim Porter and several colleagues stopped a car that violated traffic regulations on the afternoon of the 11th and found that the driver, Dont Wright, was an unin-crime suspect. During the arrest, Porter shot Wright and killed the latter.

Police Chief Tim Gannon said at a press conference on the 12th that from the video taken by the law enforcement recorder, it was concluded that Potter mistakenly used the pistol as an electric shock gun, and the incident was an “accident”.

However, Wright’s relatives and protesters did not accept this explanation. They found that there was no excuse for the incident. Wright was stopped for violating traffic regulations and was eventually killed, indicating that the judicial system was unfair to black people.

This incident triggered days of protests and demonstrations there. Porter and Gannon submitted their resignations on the 13th. In her resignation letter, Porter said that she “resigning immediately is in the interest of the community, the police department and colleagues”.

Brooklyn Center Mayor Mike Elliott said at a press conference that Porter’s resignation came when Brooklyn Center authorities were preparing to fire her.” Hopefully this brings some peace to the community,” he said. “We must make sure justice is done … and Wright deserves it, and his family deserves it.”

Elliott said that he had not accepted Porter’s resignation for the time being. Reuters said that this means that Porter may eventually be fired, which will affect her future employment in other law enforcement departments.

Minnesota authorities are investigating the incident and deciding whether to sue Potter as soon as the 14th.

The Associated Press reported that more than 1,000 people gathered near the Center City Police Department in Brooklyn on the 13th to continue to protest, shouting “Dangte Wright! Call out his name!” Without justice, there can be no peace! Prosecute (the party) the police!”

The police have stepped up their vigilance around the police station, installed concrete roadblocks and metal fences, and riot police and National Guard soldiers patrolled.

U.S. President Joseph Biden ordered the relevant authorities to “fully investigate” the incident on the 12th. He met with members of the Black Congressional Committee the next day, in which he made a speech promising to take measures to change the unfair treatment of African-Americans.