The police are wanted to shoot “Kiss of the Century” in the center of the Spanish couple’s highway.

[Global Times Comprehensive Report] It will be hard to see heavy snow in Spain this year. Many citizens are scrambling to take pictures of snow scenes, but some people have caused a big disaster because of taking photos.

According to Spain’s 20 Minute on the 12th, a Madrid couple stood in the middle of the Madrid-Zaragoza highway against the background of goose feather snow and took a romantic photo called “Kiss of the Century” in a hugging and warm kiss. The two liked the photo very much, and it was even more exciting to stand in the middle of the highway, so they uploaded the photo to social media such as Facebook and Twitter.

The photo quickly received thousands of likes and retweets.

While they were enjoying the happiness of the photo, the Madrid police launched a wanted for the owner of the photo, asking them to turn themselves in to the police station and accept punishment.

The report said that the police will prosecute them for serious traffic disorder. Police remind citizens that although highways are blocked due to heavy snow, unauthorized access to the center of the expressway for photos and pleasure is prohibited.

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