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The “Patriot Party” who supports Trump gathered on Facebook to develop militias

by YCPress

The Patriot Party group that supports former U.S. President Trump is growing rapidly on social media and trying to develop relevant militias, according to a study released on February 2.

After the Capitol Hill riots on January 6, Trump disagreed with Republicans and put forward the idea of forming a “Patriot Party”.

But Trump has abandoned plans to create a new party, according to Trump adviser Jason Miller on January 24.

Although Trump has abandoned the idea of establishing a “Patriot Party”, his supporters have tried to “strengthen it”.

According to Reuters’ reference to the “Tech Transparency Project” study on the 2nd, the “Patriot Party” has grown rapidly on Facebook, and the relevant groups have attracted thousands of members in a few days.

As of January 20, tens of thousands of Trump supporters spread images of the Patriot Party on 51 groups and 85 pages on Facebook, according to the Technology Transparency Project statistics.

Notably, on January 6, in a group of more than 2,000 members, a post directed members to an external website urging them to “join local militias”.

Despite Facebook’s announcement in August last year to ban the launch of “military social campaigns” on the platform, some forum administrators still expressed support for far-right such as “Three Percenters” and “Oath Keepers”.