Home Politics The Parliament of Georgia adopts the list of new cabinet members.
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The Parliament of Georgia adopts the list of new cabinet members.

by YCPress

December 24 The Georgian Parliament held an extraordinary meeting on the 24th and voted to approve the list of candidates for the Prime Minister and the new cabinet nominated by the ruling party “Georgian Dream-Democratic Georgia” party.

In the parliamentary vote on that day, the candidate for the Prime Minister and the list of new cabinet members received 85 votes in favor.

Members of the opposition parties, such as the United National Movement Party, did not vote.

The “Georgian Dream-Democratic Georgia” party announced on the 14th that it had nominated caretaker Prime Minister Gaharia as the new Prime Minister, and Gaharia subsequently submitted the list of new cabinet members to Parliament.

The new cabinet has a total of 11 ministers, except for the Minister of Justice, the other ministers remain unchanged.

According to the Constitution of Georgia, the list of new prime ministers and members of the new cabinet must be approved by more than half of the parliament.

Georgia held a new parliamentary election on October 31.

The vote count showed that the “Georgian Dream-Democratic Georgia” party won 48.22% of the vote in the pro-proportional distribution of seats, leading other parties.

The latest constitutional amendment of Georgia stipulates that the Georgian Parliament has a unicameral term of office for a four-year term and a total of 150 seats, of which 120 seats are distributed in proportion to the number of votes obtained by political parties and 30 seats are elected by direct election to the constituency.

Political parties or coalitions of political parties that receive more than 40% of the votes in the pro-prorated elections are eligible to form separate cabinets, and those with more than 1% of the votes enter Parliament.